KCDW Essex County NY, NY

So, I was under the impression that 150 community produced airports were added last week. One of which was KCDW Essex County. Have a look at these pics of the default (post update) KCDW:

Something is not right for my KCDW. Is this the same for anyone else?

Moved to Bug Reporting Hub

Looks like Photogrammetry is bleeding through. I’m pretty sure that’s not what the developer saw when they improved the airport. Yet another hiccup on the World Gateway Hub Alpha.



On behalf of the World Gateway hub author, I’m asking the following questions so he can try to further troubleshoot. Thanks!

  1. Are you in the SU 15 beta?
  2. Have you seen the same issue happen again, or was it just that one time?
  3. If you clear your rolling cache, does that do anything?

Also check if your Bing data & photogrammetry are turned ON in you Data settings.

Thank you for your help. No, I’m not part of the beta SU15. I set the sim to default everything (no addons) and it shows as in the pics every time. Yes I have cleared the cache and I can confirm that bing and photogrammetry are on. Cheers.

That melted PG tower doesn’t exist anywhere is the dilemma.

I loaded into this field last night and everything was normal.

Just as a double-check, I can’t mention it explicitly here since it’s against Code of Conduct, but at any point in time were you running the alternate map add-on from the competitor that starts with G? That’s one way to explain the tower.

Negative to the alternate map. It must just be something wrong on my system (i9-9900K, 32Gb, RTX3090, DX12 mostly high and ultra settings). Tried the airport again just now, blank community folder, delete cache, checked photoG. Same thing. I should mention, I have the Marketplace version of KCDW which I uninstalled to test the Community version. I delete cache after uninstalls. Weird. It doesn’t hurt my experience at all, just thought I should point it out in case anyone else has the same experience. Cheers and thanks for checking.