KDTW-Detroit Metro Airport-Developer Version

You did a great job on it so far. Looking good. The roof doesn’t shine much from my experience.

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Great Job! Looks awesome :slight_smile:

However, my only feedback is that the restroom signs are individual genders, not just one sign. (i.e. a sign for Men, Women, Family, instead of Restroom.

Reference Pics:

I can make the individual signs if needed :slight_smile:

Thats fine , i can make them separately, i will have to change the color anyway

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Blown away after installing this new version! The improvements are absolutely massive–this scenery is really coming together now. One thing I might recommend for future improvement would be the properties of the glass windows. In real life, from my experience, they appear a little more opaque from external view (i.e. the interior of the terminal is less visible than it currently is). Additionally, at night, it would be awesome if there were a way to make the light coming through the windows of the McNamara terminal to be more yellow-gold than blue, as seen in this picture:

You are absolutely killing it with this project!


My apologies, i forgot to change the windows collor before updating the scenary. I will make the changes accordingly .


Please welcome @HamMan2118 who deicided to come on board and help me speeding up DTW progress. Looking forward for more ideas and picture from you, we will try our best to please everyone. Happy Flying


I was looking online and couldnt find other picture of the big blue deck, try google street view, if the image is not clear i think there is an option to change to an older date when google took the shot, it might be clearer. I’ll be gome tonight and i will take some screen shots if you like.

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Here are a couple of screen shots from google maps


Jetways were the most challenging thing in creating DTW, for sure, BUT
!!! Its happening !!!

! Work in progress !


Will be good, when all is said and done, to have you develop a custom GSX profile for this wonderful airport too! :slight_smile:

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GSX is new to me ,meaning i will have to learn how to configure the program to look grate with DTW. Once i am done with everything, in special with the jetways i will give it a try

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I finally got it done, its not perfect but that’s a start


Does all jetways at McNamara terminal have Delta logo on them?
How about at Evans terminal?
Is this correct?
AAL gates D27 to D31
NKS gates D11, D12, D14
UAL gates D1 ,D2, D4, D6
What about the rest of the gates? Do they have any logo on them? How about international gates?
Please let me know if you have that information , working on adding the new blue custom jetways and change all the McNamara terminal jetways

Yes :slight_smile:

In the Evans Terminal-SWA gates and international gates are marked with the DTW logo.

Is this the DTW logo?


Yes, it is :slight_smile:

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Great to see custom jetways! Quick note though, the logos on the jetways at DTW are not rectangular like this including the name of the airline. They are all square shaped and just include the logo itself without the text of the airline’s name. Additionally, and I think @HamMan2118 may be able to speak to this better, I believe that only the SWA, NKS, FFT, and international gates are labeled. This video has good views of the airside with jetways:

This one as well:

Great progress and happy to see a focus on custom jetways, an often neglected part of sceneries!

I believe the only ones labeled are NKS, AAL, UAL, and SWA.

I added the DTW logo on international gates and the rest of the gates that dont have the logo. In the picture they do look a little rectangular for some reason, it might be the angle, they are square. I saw SWA logo its different, i will update that.
Also the logos look a little to white, i will fix that too.
For those gates without the airliner logo do you want me to take the DTW logo off?

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Keep the DTW logo on-because at DTW in real life, gates without an airline logo have the DTW logo.

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