Key binding for wing folding

Some aircraft supports wing folding, e.g. the ICON. This is obviously not implement yet, but one would expect at least the keybind to be exposed for those wanting to use it.

No. Why would ‘one expect’ this?
It has no function in the sim, apart from a fun visual effect you might use once or twice. Not worth the time they have to spend to create it, especially on base planes.

It’s also not a ‘Bugs & Issues’ topic. Move it to the wishlist section, would be more correct there.


I guess it will have to be set via mouse event or simconnect till then :expressionless:

heh, someone would have to create a plane with functionally folding wings first before you’ll need a keybind for it :wink:

I was hoping to use it on my goose :smiley:

aaaaah, now your request makes sense to me :smiley: I’ll give it an upvote then. Great initiative on that mod

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I would hope there is some logic in the game already, like not being able to get lift when folded. Guess I will have to experiment, else like you said, it would just be a visual effect.

Edit: Was thinking of engine state as an option, but given the lightness of the ‘plane’, you can glide for a long time and that would look stupid without wings :smiley:

It’s a more fun way to learn Blender a bit. And see what MSFS supports in terms of basic GLTF features.

Added in SU12: Release Notes - Sim Update 12 [] Available Now