Key control "select heading bug", what does it do?

Subject says it all. There are some key controls, “select heading bug” , “selct altitude bug”, what are they for and how do they work?

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They are for autopilot!

Heading bug is the autopilot holding the heading that is selected. Altitude is the same except for autopilot to hold the altitude you’re at.

Here’s a full tutorial of the G100 and autopilot if you want to learn more about Autopilot


Ok, thanks. I guess my question was too vague. I understand how the autopilot works. There are key controls (Ctrl-INSERT, Ctrl-DEL) to move the heading bug around.

But what does Shift-Ctrl-H (“select heading bug”) do? When I press it, nothing happens.

Normally, “selecting” something means, I can enter specific values, commands, whatever for that something, which are only valid after I “selected” that item. For example, in the G1000, in “Direct to” mode, I can select a specific letter with the cursor knob, then change that letter with the cursor knob.
But “selecting” the heading bug does not change anything, I do not need that command before changing the value, so it is kind of useless. Or what is its meaning?

With select x bug you select the bug that you the can manipulate with the keys you assigned „PLUS“ and „MINUS“ to in the control settings. I use my POV hat for example. Up for heading, down for altitude. Left and right to increase and decrease whichever I selected.

Now I get it. I saw controls for “+” “-” in the list, always wondered what it means.

Thanks a lot!

I visited the key controls list again and realised the explanation is right there, on the right side of the screen. Very embarassing that I missed that :worried: