Key mapping A320neo FlyByWire

Could anyone help me?
Is it possible to assign keys to:

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Sure, but there are no default MSFS keybinds. Its mostly events and LVARs, check the documentation:

Also ypud need a tool like Spad.Next, Axis and Ohs or similar to assign your buttons/hardware.

Thank you very much for the information.
It is a pity, that certain commands of the A320 Neo cannot be assigned.

Request for MS/Asobo that they introduce a possibility for third party devs so that they can add custom commands to the controller configuration. Then this will be possible what you request.

Thank you. That seems right to me.
But hasn’t anyone yet submitted that request?

I don’t think so.

Is that clear.
if no one, after 14 months, has asked MS/ Asobo to offer a possibility for third-party developers to add custom commands to the controller configuration, it follows that, it is useless to present it.

I just assume that most of the people having the need use a tool like SPAD.neXt or FSUIPC and therefore they don’t have the need. The above mentioned tools have even the advantage that they support mappings based on the loaded airplane which MSFS also does not have…

Thank you for informing me of the availability of these tools.
I will take them into account…