Keybind for NVAV, Sync Heading bug, and Sync Altitude for Autopilot?

I’m trying to map my 307 autopilot panel I built using a Teensy board and I cannot for the life of me find the keybind to map NVAV, sync heading to CURRENT heading, and the sync current altitude to the autopilot.

Also, anyone know a way to disable to automatic heading sync when using the “Toggle Autopilot Heading Hold” keybind? I want to make my panel work just like it does when you click the buttons with the mouse!

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Unfortunately there is no keybind for the heading sync, a huge oversight imho. Here are the others:

HDG = Autopilot Heading Hold On/Off
NAV = Autopilot NAV1 Hold On/Off
APR = Autopilot Approach Hold On/Off
AP = Autopilot On/Off
FD = Toggle Flight Director
LVL = Autopilot Wing Leveler On/Off
FLC = Autopilot FLC On/Off
BC = Autopilot Back Course Hold On/Off
ALT = Autopilot Altitude Hold On/Off
VS = Autopilot VS Hold On/Off
Decrease/Increase Heading Bug
Decrease/Increase Autopilot Reference VS
Decrease/Increase Altitude Pressure

VNAV and ½ bank mode are also missing.

Many months later, but this still seems to be the case.

I am going to try to write a program to intercept the HID commands and interface with SimConnect, if MSFS current supports the APIs needed, that is. Trying to find out!

Still no command for Heading Sync. October 2021. Sim Update 6 released.

Frustrating. How can something so simple be broken so long? It has been reported but the thread was closed.

Since start, no luck… Like they simply don’t care.