Keyboard assignments

I started to make extra shortcut keyboard assignments. When I assign ALT-SHIFT-H to “toggle beacon button” and go in-game, I press ALT-SHIFT-H my beacon light goes on/off but also my pitot heat (SHIFT-H when using default assignments) goes on/off. When I press SHIFT-H only my pitot heat toggles. This is also the case for other ALT-SHIFT assignments. This makes it impossible to assign ALT-SHIFT-‘key’ shortcuts because they also react on SHIFT-‘key’ shortcuts.

I’m not sure if it’s my PC only so if somebody can try and confirm.

It’s easy to check:

  • Startup MSFS with cessna 172 (or a plane with beacon light en pitot heat)
  • Assign ALT-SHIFT-H to ‘toggle beacon lights’ (don’t use “beacon on” or “beacon off” assignment as it’s broken) to keyboard in Control setting.
  • Go back to sim and press ALT-SHIFT-H. See if both beacon light and pitot heat switch moves.

I came across this with a QMK powered keyboard that I’ve tried to use CRTL+SHIFT+ALT+ to map commands without overriding the default. This issue makes it effectively impossible to use modifiers. As you can see in the attached image the modifiers seem to trigger for ANY and ALL keys that use that modifier. This example has a key that’s mapped to output CRTL+SHIFT+ALT+F1.