Keyboard bindings are displaying Joystick bindings

Dear Community,

My default keyboard bindings all make reference to joystick buttons in my default keyboard settings.

I’ve tried to rest the profile00 file without success and tried to reset the default commands without luck.

Would someone be so kind as to point me in the direction of the default keyboard settings file or worst case provide myself with the there default keyboard file ?

any help is most appreciated as its just breaking my heart not fixing this.

ps i have the steam version

kind regards


La solution se trouve là: UI broken and reset user settings - #159 by TenPatrol

Thank you for your reply. I don’t have an issue with a log book and all my settings save after every restart.

So is my issue different to the one you highlighted ?


Before you do anything else, in the thread bernard references, there is a solution linked to in the very first post. I screenshot it here for your reference. I would try that before anything else.

Hi thanks for your efforts and reply. Ive udated my gaming services and followed TenPatrol fix and yet my defaut keyboard settings still remain all joystick links.

any help or a copy of anyones input profile with defult keyboard settings would be most appreciated



I’m on a Steam Installation and I don’t see those files. What is your file path to those files in your Screenshot?


its under the below folder structure, i beleive each person has their own steam number, hence yours would be slightly different.

but if you copy your default keyboard it will place a copy here, then you open each one with notepad and look for the friendly name


1 Turn off steam cloud.

  • Run steam and go to library
  • right-click on msfs and select properties
  • click > general and uncheck > keep games saves in the steam cloud

2 Disable steam input

  • click view tab and select > big picture mode
  • click library button
  • select msfs
  • in the left column click > manage game
  • click controller options
  • select > forced off > ok

3 Run msfs and go to controls settings

4 Check every inputprofile_ and search

5 Upload file to
and paste download link.

Hello Sir,

tenpatrol, wow im in the presence of greatness, thank you sincereley for taking the time to assist.

you have done wonders for our community and your efforts dont go unnoticed

as requested


Download >

Download > copy > replace

Run msfs.

Thank you again for your efforts Sir.

i can now get back in the game (so to speak)

As i mentioned your efforts are greatly appreciated


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You’re welcome.
Fly safe captain.