Keyboard Configuration for Laptops


I am mainly a PC user who has at times found myself in situations where I have to use a Laptop as a primary machine when things go awry. (My laptop is a high end ROG Strix gaming rig configuration with no performance issues, individual configurations may vary).

As many people are aware, most laptops, gaming or otherwise, do not typically have a Num-Pad. Some people, unlike myself, may choose to carry a peripheral USB Num-Pad. For some, this can be an option but is not a requirement for day to day use or for most games.

I’m here to ask for a default Laptop configuration to come included within the game, so that one can use it as a launch point when beginning to build their own preferential Keybinding configurations for their personal tastes and use.

So far, I have had to remove all Drone and Camera options from my setup, which is fine for most things, but have found it increasingly tedious to find every Keybinding I need to change from the default Keyboard settings as currently included with the package.

Any attention to this minor detail would be appreciated by myself and others who find themselves in a similar situation from time to time or as a full time preferred method of play.

Thank you,

I wish could use my laptop’s keyboard to control all the planes. I travel a lot and it is hard to take joysticks with me.