Keyboard Flaps issues

I have experienced a flap issue making it impossible for me to fully extend them and they stay in 1st and glitch in and out of 2nd, but if I use my key binds it goes to fully extended but goes back to 1st automatically. I have reset and reinstalled the game so all of my files are default.

Maybe check that you don’t have another control that is mapped and positioned to keep flaps retracted.

If you go to controls, leave the category set to “assigned” and search for flaps, for each of your controllers. Any assignments/mappings should be visible.

I have my category on default using the key binds F5-F8 for flaps should i still set it to assigned

I’m only on keyboard and mouse for further info

Use F6 and F7.

thats what I’ve been using thats what it is on default key binds

You said above you were using F5 and F8
If you have been using the right ones, is this with all aircraft?

Looks like you have double binding between extend flaps and decrease flaps.

Ok im using f6 and f7 and its still bugged

Do you have any assists on? What about Copilot control?

not that I’m aware of

With any particular aircraft?

im using the A320 NEO

Just the default A320 version, not the mod?

yes the default

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I’m firing up the sim and I’ll see if I can replicate it.

ok, thank you

If you’re not aware of it, then you might need to double and triple check your settings. Assists has to be set to Hard/True to Life. (Taxi Ribbon is the exception) And AI Copilot has to be off at all times.

Either you have double bindings in your control somewhere, or phantom inputs coming from your keyboard. Or the assists is “fighting” you by changing the flaps to the way it wants instead of what you want.

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where can I find assists? (sorry if this is stupid I’m kind of new I apologize)

Nvm i found it