Keyboard not responding or not working

wondering if anyone else has had the problem of the keyboard not working as it should eg say’s A to disengage brakes but it does nothing it’s like my keyboard doesn;t respond to the basic commands yet the joystick and mouse work perfect.

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Do you have more than one display? I noticed while I was working on other monitor, FS reacted to joystick but not keyboard commands. I needed to click with my mouse at FS screen to set focus on that, and after that keyboard works.

no l only have one screen but l worked it out l am looking for A on the keyboard when the binding key A is on my joystick.

Hello @ Kaukinen, I am new to MFS2020 and I am having similar problem. Did you ever get a solution? I am very frustrated

Same Problem here. Just bought, Update to latest Version, keyboard doesnt work. Attack 3 and Mouse work, But cannot select or switch anything with Mouse But directories/panels

Chance coincidence I am sure, but after updating to WU6, neither KB nor mouse worked at all. I suspect a USB issue and am awaiting a new USB 3 hub as insurance, but it is slightly weird to see this thread now.

I need to edit my entry here as I have only just noticed the timeline of the thread. Well, that is today’s blooper sorted then isn’t it?