Keyboard overlays been done, and how?

Has anyone created custom keyboard overlays for MSFS, is so what did you use to create these and where did you get the overlays from? Looking to create my own but do not want to have to go down the bespoke route and get new cherry keys made. While cool, a bit expensive and overkill.

Moderators, feel free to move to a better location, no idea where I would ask this, sorry.

Hi, do you mean something like a cheat sheet with key bindings?

You can do a search on the forums here (keyboard cheat sheet)?

I’ve found these three:


These are great, but personally i was looking for something like the last one of the 3 you posted. A visual representation of the actual keyboard with the commands written on the actual key. Seems there is a lot of that stuff for msfsx but not so much for msfs2020, but ive only been searching for 10 minutes now so maybe i haven’t found it yet. That last one you posted was behind a member wall so i couldn’t actually get it despite it being what i was looking for.