Keyboard sensitivity Issues

Dear development team,

Can’t find out how to adjust the pitch bank and roll while using a keyboard. Every General aviation airplane i’m trying to fly behave like aerobatic plane and turn erratically while using the keyboard. There use to be a setting in MS FSX allows you to adjust the responsiveness of the flight controls using the keyboard and I can’t find that option in FS2020.
Is that exist somewhere or it’s missing this function because the GA planes are difficult t control using keyboard.

Thank you


since a KB is digital input, there is no way to use a KB with fluid analog input. sorry, you are going to have to get a Console Controller or a JStick/HOTAS if you want that input.

We probably don’t understand each other correctly since it was done in FSX.
When i tap short key on the roll the aileron deflects 25% causing a rapid bank from just one key click. In FSX you could adjust the sensitivity and deflect the ailerons 5% with every click making it very precise and accurate flying.
We need the same control sensitivities option in FS2020 too.


That is something that should be available. Maybe an update will add it.

Signed up to agree with this! Some controls seem to have an acceleration, so hold a key and not much happens for a moment than suddenly there is a huge change. Great if you can configure it but brutal as it is. Got this hoping to enjoy some relaxing flying through scenic mountains and islands. But after one day, my fingers feel like I’ve been playing doom

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I am with this too. I would like a sensitivity setting added to a keyboard/keypad.
It is a shame that I have been flying flightsim from FS9/FSX and now FS2020 in my laptop as my
job is always on the road.

I’m also expecting this to be an possibility in the future.

I looked for this settings when playing for the first time, and found out they weren’t there.

Having same issues. It worked just fine in the beta, so I don’t know what changed.

same me, I work on the road.
Why didnt they attached to fsx interphase???