Keyboard "Shift + Arrow" keys not working as defined

“Shift + arrow” keyboard keys should rotate view in cockpit camera as defined by default. However they actually move the elevators/aerlerons instead. I checked the definition of keyboard keys and only the numpad 4,6 2 and 8 are defined to move the control surfaces. Any ideas?

4 2, 6, & 8 are the arrow keys (you will notice the arrow on them)
They operate the same functions as the ones in between the numpad and keyboard.

If you don’t use the keyboard to control the planes, you could clear the commands from those keys.

Thanks for the reply. My issue is rather with the fact that the commands “Shift + arrow” key do not rotate the cockpit camera as defined in the default keyboard definitions. I am sure they did so when I first installed MSFS. as I remember following Youtuber “Squirrel’s” video on how the cockpit cameras worked, and he showed these commands did rotate the cockpit camera left, right , up or down depending on the arrow key used. The bigger mystery is why , instead, on my computer they move the control surfaces as there is no definition in the keyboard default section which shows that they should do this. It looks like a bug introduced with one of the updates.

A lot of keyboard commands were changed a couple of updates ago by Asobo.
All those commands like the Shift 4 command are longer assigned to anything, so the sim is just seeing the 4 (or whatever) and executing that.
Re-assign your views to the key(s) you want and your problem should be good.

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