Keybord not working on series x

i am on xbox series x and i have a problem with my keyboard. In the menu, I can write text but once in game no key on my keyboard works. My keayboard appear in the control menu! does anyone have a solution to this problem?

What keyboard are you using by chance?

I dont remem
ber the model but is it a microsoft wireless. I also try a logitech with wire and i have the same issue

Is it a TKL keyboard? Currently, keyboards that don’t contain a Numpad (TenKeyLess), such as the Razer Turret or Laptop Keyboards currently aren’t supported on Flight Sim without extensive remapping of the keys. So if your can’t control the aircraft, the first thing to make sure is that your keyboard has a numpad.

desktop 3050 PP3-00002

Strange. My mouse quits randomly on Series X. Works fine until the flight loads or just browsing the world map. Using the Razer Turret

Yeah, that’s a full keyboard, it’s not a TKL.

Have you tried testing it on any other game other than flight sim? Does it work at the Xbox Dashboard (using the up/down arrow keys and enter button to navigate menus) or do you not get any input whatsoever?

Think I figured out your issue. If it doesn’t work at the dashboard or in any other game, from my understanding, the Xbox DOES NOT support Bluetooth keyboards and mouses. It only supports Wireless Keyboards over the 2.4 GHz spectrum (not Bluetooth) or over the proprietary Xbox Wireless.

It’s the Razer Turret for XB1. It’s 2.4 GHz. It works in all the other games that I have access to that are mouse and keyboard compatible. Mouse works in the razor turret app for Xbox. It works in msfs until it loads or skimming through the world map and then it quits. Then I have to reload the game then it’s fine for a few flights.

It does not have a numpad no

I was replying to UrbanStyleQC, who has the Desktop 3050 PP3-00002. From my understanding, that won’t work with the Xbox console at all, not in Flight Sim, Call of Duty nor even the Xbox console/dashboard will recognize it, as the Xbox only supports “Wireless” Keyboards and Mouse that use the 2.4Ghz format and/or Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth is not supported (wired K&M should have no issues whatsoever which is strange in his case that neither are working).

On the subject of the Razer Turret, it should work with Flight Sim, it’s the Official Keyboard and Mouse combo for Flight Sim on the Xbox, it uses the 2.4Ghz format etc.

However, the Razer Turret has a ton of issues regarding Flight Sim that people have reported on in regards to Flight Sim on Xbox. Many other games that support mouse and keyboard don’t have many of the same issues that Flight Sim does. Compatibility as well as Accessibility for K&M is pretty abysmal in Flight Sim, especially if your on a TKL keyboard like the Razer Turret.

Unfortunately it seems like Asobo/Microsoft didn’t do any testing on the Turret beforehand to make sure it WAS in fact actually compatible with the game without bugs or glitches, and unfortunately there is a lot of them issues with the Turret and Flight Sim.

I own the Turret as well, and I have experienced the same issue, where the mouse will just disconnect entirely from the game, even a restart on/off of the mouse does not work. I typically just restart the game whenever this happens, and that fixes the issue.

The Razer Turret mouse is also incredibly laggy, it’s got a ton of input latency on the Xbox Series X console. I don’t experience this massive input delay on any other game I use the turret on, even when playing other sub 30fps games that support K&M (such as Gears of War 5 on the Original Xbox One).

My biggest issue is what I said above. Flight Sim does not have any support in the game for TKL Keyboards without extensive remapping. Since the Razer Turret is a TKL keyboard, it’s virtually impossible to use the Razer Turret as a means of actually playing the game, as the keys for flying and controlling the aircraft (the rudder, ailerons, pitch/yaw) is all controlled by the numpad on a tradition K&M. Since it’s a shortened keyboard, your always going to have missing keys on it that could be otherwise used for controls on the aircraft. I’ve even had issues with remapping in general, not being able to combine keys for a bind, making the Razer Turret virtually unplayable for Flight Sim. At my mouse works fine most of the time.

There is a thread for all the Razer Turret Issues on Xbox which I’ll link here. The issues your having, I’d recommend posting there, as the moderators have set that as the official thread (they took down one of my posts and redirected it there), so any issues you have with the Turret on Xbox, please go vote on the thread and post your issue there.

“ The Community Managers have requested all reports regarding the Razer Turret be consolidated into that thread referenced above. This has been escalated to MS-Asobo.”

You can also vote on issues you’d like to see fixed, so going and giving it a response plus an upvote helps to get it seen. In order to vote, there is a few requirements if your a new member:

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I try my keyboard with call of duty and minecraf and he work great! he dont work Just with flight simulator

Yeah, seems like it should be working then.

To be honest, as I’ve said in the previous post. The keyboard and mouse implementation in the game is absolutely terrible. I bought the Official Keyboard and Mouse for the game right from the MS Store for about $400, and that doesn’t even work, it’s got tons of issues as well.

Best suggestion I could make is make a ticket in the games support, give the developer some input, but by the looks of it Asobo and Microsoft are just outright ignoring K&M players on the console.

You’ll just have to use a controller for the time being, and hope to god that Asobo and MS listen and actually fix the issues K&M players are complaining about on Xbox.

Go to this link and fill out a support ticket, best advice I can give:

This is the response of microsoft for my keyboard problem! I try it and i have the same problem.

That is a fancy way of saying…

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I was using a truncated wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad. The keyboard worked but was missing all the shortcuts on the missing numpad & the touchpad was really messing with UI control with the XBox controller. I switched to a wireless keyboard (with numpad) and separate optical scroll wheel mouse and have had very few issues. For the most part it’s been a great experience.