Keypress and hold to adjust autopilot heading

Autopilot heading is too hard to quickly adjust especially in 747 where precise positioning of cursor is required to get the correct indication of circular arrow on the screen and to avoid changing bank angle by accident. I want to assign a single key on PC keyboard to continuously increase heading and another to continuously decrease heading by holding the key down, but I am getting only one decree per keypress. For large changes this is impractical.

Hi @SeaCelery810439,

I’m just going to double check this in the simulator myself, but I’m pretty certain you already can bind this. I’ve been testing the Yawman Arrow controller recently, which has keybinds for cockpit interactions. I think if you set a keybind for “Select Heading Bug”, and then two more keybinds for “Plus” and “Minus”, then you can already do what you’re requesting in your wishlist post!

The MSFS Team

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I’m not on my flight rig right now, but there might also be bind options for Heading Bug Increment and Heading Bug Decrement. I’m pretty sure those existed back in the FS9 days.

Default bindings are I think ctrl + insert and ctrl + delete. Atleast on my keyboard profile, those are the values, i don’t remember changing them ever. But you can assign those bindings to different buttons for example two joystick buttons if you prefer.

OK I tried all the suggestions (Thank You!) so far. But none of these work to the effect that would be most useful and logical, if I may say so. I simply want a SINGLE key to be pressed, pick any one I want, and if i HOLD it down, the heading bug keeps moving either up or down as programmed. It would be quite inconvenient, even if it worked, to first have to press CTRL-ALT–H then move to some other key or combinations of keys to move the bug.

I noticed that with every key assignment the user can program it to apply on PRESS or RELEASE. This distinction does work, although we still get only one degree of bug movement per key cycle. in the case of autopilot heading, altitude, speed, etc. where a held down mouse button on the knob’s curving arrow cursor works as intended, the sim should interpret a held down key in the same sense.

How would you control the keypress repeat rate?
It can be done in the registry, but I don’t believe you can modify it for individual keypresses.

I wonder if a macro creator (either built-in to the keyboard, or using Pulover’s Macro Creator) would work inside the sim.

That’s exactly what ctrl+insert and ctrl+delete does on my setup. If you prefer I can share the names of the settings

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@ SeaCelery810439
Try the following binding:
Instruments and Systems / Flight Instruments / Increase Heading Bug - Decrease Heading Bug
A single press on the binded keyboard key or button change the heading by one single degree, holding the key or button pressed change it fast.
It works perfectly with the Asobo’s 747 and other planes, even if some may react differently.


Got it fixed. The key bindings in my controls were indeed the default Ctrl-Ins and Ctrl-del but were not working to move the heading.
I noticed that the background color in these boxes was white with dark text. Never saw that before. So I cleared both and re-scanned using the default keys and mow it works as you all say it should. Thanks to all.

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