KFNT Flint Bishop not modeled

KFNT Flint Bishop International is not modeled. No, I have sent a ticket to Zendesk, too much of a hassle to do so. This is a major omission, please correct in next update.

Please file a bug report on Zendesk, using the “Submit a Request” option on the top menu bar. Zendesk is the proper way of reporting this.

I found several airports not correctly modeled, missing major features. The fixing for them will likely be the tasked to the community.

KFNT is one of them.

Some day, I will get better with the SDK and fix those airports that I frequent. Keep an eye on flightsim.to

In the future of MSFS, I imagine airports will enable companies (parking or service) as a destination option from ground control-ATC.

For example: KPHX has Swift Aviation, Cutter Aviation, a large FedEx and UPS parking area, and a few more. So when it comes time to select a parking options, a list of company parking will appear along with General Parking or Gates.

Think about the advertising income this could create?!?!


I think this might be a problem, lol

Seems this was flagged as long ago as March (and has presumably been there since launch) but no apparent fix been released.

Parts of terminals are missing at KBOS also.

Can confirm had the same issue today.

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Just flew to KFNT today. Terminal still not modeled. Just jetbridges.

Kind of surprised since this has been a problem for over a year now.

Hope Asbo fixes this soon. I can’t criticize them though since it is hard to create a sim like this.

This topic has not been resolved

Here, we continue to report bugs and problems but the situation does not change … Ad maiora semper
My version from STORE … I am attaching a screen shot

Well, Update X didn’t made a difference here. Termina still missing:

What is really interesting is this has been going on for over a year now. This also happens at other airports as well. But, if it took a while to create a missing runway at KORD, who knows how long it will take to fix this issue.