KGRR Grass On Taxiway

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Grass on taxiway F and some close to gates

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Latest USA X update

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Howdy! Reporting a very similar bug elsewhere. I created my account to post this and it doesn’t look like I can create a new topic. I’m a complete beginner at this game – literally been playing for a couple of hours. I’m still going through the tutorials, and came across grass throughout the taxiway at KSEZ in the Taxiing tutorial. I have yet to even take off on my own!

Grass at the taxiway during the tutorial is pretty jarring for a beginner, I tell you. :slight_smile:

I’m running DX12 (BETA) MEDIUM at 2560x1440 on a Radeon RX580, msfs version i believe.

…and no edit button either. Great. Just wanted to add that DX11 has the same exact issue, so it’s not that.

Okay this does look somewhat humorous – and very, very wrong. :slight_smile: