Kind of rediculous for a serious simulation - Basic functionality missing

Hey folks,

after double clicking the desktop icon, expectations are quite high… But… Nothing… For about 30 seconds, it is not even clear, if the computer understood my request to open the game, no splash screen, no hint, just nothing… Then the game comes up with the XBox-Like intro, the Asobo, ai and wise logo thing to welcome the user with the words “Press any key to start” - Ähm, to start what ? Didn’t I just made a double click before to start the game ? What is this ■■■■■■■■ request having to press something again ?? - Until there still not the slightest hint, what might be the name of the game, which wants me to press any key… What follows after the update lookup is a real long loading time, where you don’t know, what the computer is doing (a text description would be the minimum expected there)… After all, it takes about 2-3 Minutes until you reach the main menu, and after you made your selections another 2 minutes until you can start flying… Wow…

You can really see and feel, that this flight simulator was thrown to market in a hurry… It makes me feel like taking part in a public beta test, which I paid 120 Euro for…

Btw, where is the multi-screen functionality, promised in feature video episode 4 ? So far, I can just play on a single screen and as soon, as I even put the camera window to second screen, it drops framerate significantly… Where are 2D Cockpit Panels ? - Proper Documentation of SDK ? - Home Cockpit Support ? - Proper SimConnect.dll ? What I really miss is an outside view just with scenery (no plane, no instruments, just the scenery for those, who have home cockpits and just want to display what you see outside the cockpit window, while having all instruments and displays in their hardware cockpits… All that of course scalable on multiple screens or projectors, so that I can have a 180° view around me…)

Recommended specs GTX970 ? - It was clear to me right from the beginning that this must be a joke… I have here GTX1070 combined with i9-7940x, NVME SSD up to 3500 MB/sec and 32 GB of Ram on a 600 Euro Asus Sage X299 board, 2x 27" 4k Monitors connected. A Full HD Projector connected on a second 1030 card, but not in use… But more than 23-30 Frames even in 1920x1080 only is not possible in cockpit view of 787… Not to talk about 10-15 Frames in 4k … Outside view is better with around 40-60 Frames, as long as all is placed only on 1 monitor and nothing attached via SimConnect… I wonder if computers with GTX 970 and the recommend specs might come to a full stop in framerates then if in cockpit view mode…

I honestly think that nobody in simmer community would have been upset about to postpone the release one or two months, if therefor, Microsoft and Asobo would have come around the corner with a finished product, instead of abusing thousands of end-users as beta testers now, who were looking forward to the most complete flight simulator ever and not missing even most basic functionalty… In my opinion, this sim is too much focused already on Xbox use, and this is how the sim feels to me now… Like playing XBox…

So, Microsoft and Asobo, please inform me, when you made your homework and when you are able to present a finished full featured simulation product for PC use (instead of an Xbox gameplay experience), which at least can do, what P3D or FSX was capable of, including the points described above with multi-monitor, etc… But until then, your simulation is far away from what was expected by all the feature videos and the media presence, you managed to have beforehand… Maybe all that time you spent on interviews and advertisment would have been better inevested in working on the simulator instead…

What a pity… ! :sleepy:


agreed. and what about all the youtubers who took microsoft’s money to talk up the game and deceive us?


The more I read and hear about it the more dissapointed I get, I havent been able to even start the download on my pc and have tried all the work arounds with no luck and they seem more like shots in the dark than anything as does the help. So many of us are just waiting scratching our heads and twiddling our fingers waiting for this, would have expected them to have so many of these problems worked out but they dont, this is starting to sound more and more like bethesda or ea and something that they would release and try to brush off, like come on they had to know how many people would be trying to get this game launch day only for everything to be gridlocked and there servers toasted, just so disheartened on this, this was supposed to be an amazing game and I have a ryzen 7 2700x and rx580 and hearing the frame rate horrors makes me scared too to run it on a decent monitor on decent graphiocs

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Feel bad for the people that bought new peripherals, upgraded their PCs and more importantly, the people that got new computers to run this ■■■■.

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I bought a new pc to play this, cost me upwards of 2k. The game runs smooth as silk, looks absolutely stunning, never drops below 60 fps on ultra and is an absolute dream come true. Can’t wait for VR.


I’ve been getting fairly good FPS on a gtx 1080 and an i7 6700k in a gaming laptop. Running mainly high settings though clouds are on ultra. Depending on where I am the lowest I get is 25 fps though most of the time it’s in the 40’s and will be up to 60’s a fair bit too especially up in the air.

However I have issues where things just will stop working like I have the “P” key set to actively pause the game which works but there’s been odd occasions where it doesn’t pause it or all of a sudden the mouse wheel will no longer zoom. I dunno if it’s something I accidentally press or what but it’s annoying. Also I hate that the cockpit camera is literally cockpit camera and there’s no way to get into any other part of the plane except showcase camera. Which is fine but then I can’t save views as they’re treated separately to the cockpit camera. Used to like in Xplane 11 that I could have views set up as if I was looking out the passenger window or something. Can’t do that in MSFS 2020 or not at least without hassle.

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i’m running a 2080 super with just high settings on 2k and getting a consistent under 40fps with many stutters. so not sure what you’re talking about

Rip paying for a 2080 super and getting sub 40fps at 1080p. All signs at the moment lead to a performance lottery. It works great for some people and terrible for others.


yep i’ve been reading the forums and it seems i’ve lost the lottery while others have won. a totally random gamble.

frown face

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What’s you CPU? Where do you have it installed? SSD or HDD? What resolution are you trying to play it at? How much RAM do you have? Have you pre-cached any of the scenery files? The list goes on and on. The 2k I’m talking about is the price i paid for my new pc, which runs it flawlessly. It’s very obviously a demanding sim, and i will say, that Microsoft were slightly economical with the truth when it came to specs. But it isn’t a ‘lottery.’ You most probably have a bottlenecked pc.

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That is the most true and honnest review I’ve read. :ok_hand:
Really disapointed with this Xbox oriented game, yes it is a game so far… we can’t call this a simulation.

Exactly !! It’s a real pain to push and turn the knobs on the vitual cockpit.


I think so. I have a GTX1050ti and even here the game runs very smoothly…


This I have to agree. I don’t understand the benefit of this. How do Asobo/MS or I benefit by pressing a useless key? I’m willing to pay to make it go away.

I don’t know where to find it. Checked the folders but I’m not sure what a SDK looks like to begin with. I wanna reduce the size of some trees at my local airport. Doing it should be possible using the sdk? I have Blender and Visual C/C++ installed.


I’m unsure why so many high end set ups are having such issues. While mine is not bad for an old computer, 6850K GTX1080, 64Gb RAM running of a 1TB NVMe it runs great.

Also if you take some ownership of the graphical settings you can hit some spectacular frame rates and have a good usable experience. I’m happy between 40/60 fps in a flight sim and I adjust the settings to achieve that frame rate and the visuals I find pleasing. In short the presets of low med high won’t suit all computers. So set your custom settings.


You can find the SDK when turning on the Developer Mode in Options. After that you get a menu bar on top end, and under Help you will be able to install the SDK and get the Documentation…

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MRedZac,escribistes lo que tenia en mi mente,creia que yo solo pensaba esto.Parece mas un juego para XBOX.Espero que con el tiempo,no muy lejano,pase como los demas Flight Simulator y enriquezcan la simulacion.Creo que llevar la FABULOSA parte VISUAL de MF2020,con la experiencia que se sintio en FSX,PREPARD3D Y XP11,volando los aviones ,seria EPICO.

seriously? THANK YOU. gonna try it soon

why do you feel sorry? I built a new system and I hae no problems running at high settings @ 4k

System: i710700k @ 5ghz, 32gb 3200mhz ram, 2080 super, 1.5gb nvme . + 2tb ssd

Old system that I used in the alpha: i7 4770k @ 4.7 ghz, 16gm ram , 1tb ssd

I’m puzzled by the drastically varying reports about frame-rates. Given my experience in the previous generation of simulators, I was actually shocked at how well it ran in 4k with my GTX 1080 with “high-end” settings. Although 30fps (with 20fps dips) might not be optimal for an FPS, I perceive it as pretty smooth in a sim. (Note that HDTV is broadcast at 30fps, and most films “run” at 24.) I wonder if this is an expectations game or something else.

Have you tried running something like MSI Afterburner to see where the slowdown is? I’m 100% bottlenecked at GPU, with plenty on room to spare on my CPU.

One final tip: If you turn of streaming and set graphics quality to low, you’ll still get far better performance and visuals then in FSX, P3d, or XP11. For me, I’d rather “live” with 30fps. (Or, alternately, just turn off the FPS counter and don’t worry about it. :wink: )


sure thing ->

CPU: i7-10875H
Storage: new internal SSD
Resolution: 2k
Internet: 200mpbs
Settings: High
FPS: 30 with dips to 20

just because it’s running flawlessly for you doesn’t mean it’s not for other people. it definitely should be running better with my setup but there’s def some deep issue with this obviously beta product release