King Air 350 - 3 Military Livery Pack - Download Here

I’ve revisited my Navy paint scheme and did a couple days of work on it, refining areas and getting it as best I could. You can download it here - read credits for more detailed info. Enjoy!
Download Here

Update to the update: USAF version added to this pack. Pic down below in the thread.

Newest version uploaded and removes NAVY from the wings.



Sweet looks good, any plans on making more liveries?

There is no Navy on the wings :wink:

Oh yes. :slight_smile:

On the non t-tail King Air it has Navy on the wings. If this one isn’t supposed to I’ll take it off. Thanks.

I just uploaded a new version with NAVY taken off of the wings. Looks better. :slight_smile:

Looks great!

I decided to see how a US Air Force version would look. When I joined in the 80’s they had KC-10 refuelers that were blue and white and I always loved that look. So here you go… a blue/white King Air 350 for the USAF. The livery is included in the link above. If you already have it, delete that one and replace it with this one for two nice military planes.



I correct myself - on the T-Tail Kingair the Navy has the “NAVY” on the underside of the wings Not on the upper side :wink:

And if I forgot to say so. Thanks for the work!


With the word Navy… the problem here is that If I put it on the bottom it’ll show up on the top of the opposite side. So I’ll leave it as is.

Hey - if anyone reading this knows how to change colors of the tail number I’d LOVE to know. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Thanks.

The USAF version is an awesome addition to the updated Navy livery, thanks for the time and effort you’ve spent creating these two great liveries.

Coming soon to a town near you. Hey, I had to attempt this one… can’t forget the Army!
Thank you for the comment, Havoc11UK. This pic, btw is taken at Mildenhall AB in the sim. I had the pleasure of spending 2 days in lovely England in the late 90’s. I will get back as much of my family’s heritage is Welsh. I really love it over there.

Again… mostly fictional planes but d**n it, I like 'em! This still has some tweaks needed like
the tail number and a couple of minor things. I hope you guys aren’t getting tired of this paint scheme. It took me several days to fine-tune it and figure out what was where. Now that it’s mostly dialed in for what it is, I have to get my money’s worth from it. :slight_smile:

2 more liveries are coming from this in the next day or two after Army’s done. Then I’ll be finished with it I think. Can anyone guess what they could be?

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Is there an easier place to download the liveries??

Alternate Site Download (Google Drive)

I like having NexusMods because it’s easier for me to track what’s happening with my files. But here you go. I don’t want it to be difficult or whathaveyou for anyone. Have fun with these.

I will say again… the right side needs help from Asobo and I’m curious and hopeful that they may have it addressed in the coming patch. I don’t know for sure, just hoping. The right engine has a black area that I’ve been unable to change, and of course text is reversed for the most part - sometimes I’m able to make it work in one area, but then another is messed up. So just wanted to put that out there.

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King Air 350 - Military Livery 3 Pack

Here’s the Army version for you all to enjoy. Just overwrite an earlier version of mine, or better yet, just delete it from your Community directory and throw this one in there. So now there’s Army, Navy, Air Force, and so whose left? Hmm. They’re next. And look, the right side isn’t messed up on this one. So that’s cool.

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Outstanding thank you

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Well done!

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Once again, thank you.

I love your liveries for the King Air.

How do you fancy tackling the A320 ?

Would love a KC-135 themed/style livery on an A320 or even an RC-135 themed/style livery on the A320, I think they would look smart.



I like your thinking. :slight_smile:
I’ll take a look at how complex it is and go from there. I still want to do one maybe two more King Air’s first. Marines and maybe an AF1 type with the light blue. And thanks. I’m enjoying the process.

Why is this here in the screenshot forum and not in the liveries forum?

That’s a good point. Is there a way I can move it? If not I’ll just say everyone, my next posts will be in the liveries section with any new ones I come up with.