King Air 350i engine improvements

A mod asked me to split the original topic into multiple ones, since I had too many requests.

The KA350 engine model is very weird ; very powerful at idle (nearly impossible to do a decent approach even at idle), temps are going crazy, inertial separator/engine anti-ice makes the torque behaving weirdly, prop RPM lever has no effect. I know that turboprop physics are not accurate atm, But on this aircraft it’s even more noticeable.

Turboprop logic is on the list of things to fix/improve.

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I know, but as you can see that’s not the only thing that’s off with this aircraft

There is Nexus mod, but IDK if actual and good enough.
We need Working Title here :slight_smile:

Other than the corrected turboprop logic (some day), I think it’s a 3rd party solution. Working Title would be great. Personally, I’d love to see a high-end payware product like the old Aeroworx or Flight1 KA200.


It looks like the person who was working on it stopped after one of the sim updates broke the yoke. I would love to see Working Title-level attention given to the King Air.


If only ! I’m not asking for a study level, but let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

And yeah the JayDee mod from Nexus doesn’t work…

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Also, turn it into a 360 with autothrottle.


I also noticed that the engines were a bit too strong. I was taxiing at 70kts with idle thrust.

Perhaps the engines indeed generate some thrust at idle, but 70kts is a bit much I think. :slight_smile:

70kts is… a lot ! In a turboprop you must change the condition lever to “low idle” for taxi, so your plane is less noisy and less powerful.
I found that reducing the tp_idle_range value in engines.cfg can change the aircraft behaviour while taxiing. (I tested 4 instead of 8, taxiing is now more comfortable)

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On the Beechcraft 1900C we had a Beta range between Idle and the start of reverse thrust on the
Power Levers. We used “High Idle” on the Condition Levers (otherwise the Air Conditioner didn’t work) and you use the Beta range on the Power levers to control your taxi speed. The Beta range is marked as “Ground Fine” on the Power Lever decals.

You have to lift the power levers up and then down since in the real aircraft there is a detent between “Idle” and “Ground Fine”. Another detent between Ground Fine and Reverse. That’s why there is the 2x LIFT decals below the power levers.

After landing on a long runway, I used to move the Power Lever to Ground Idle after the nosewheel touched down. That automatically slowed the aircraft down to taxi speed, without touching the brakes or using Reverse.