[King Air 350i] Faulty AP NAV mode

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Since last patch it happens more often to me that the King Air 350i AP struggles with procedures during take-off or landing. It somehow does not follow the path as intended or flies back and forth like stupid for no reason. Last time it happened was today at WAAA with departure from RW31 and full fuel capacity (100%). This was the way it flew me around until 60% of fuel left, then I quit the game…

And yes the flight plan was set correctly and source was set to FMS everything as usual. Most of the time it works and 2-3 times per week it freaks out which is very annoying of course!

Red is the line it should have taken me, orange dots is the actual path.

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Huh this is weird. Did you load everything from the world map flight planning tool? Or did you enter the flight plan manually to the FMS?

P.S Good to see some flights around Indonesia. Hahaha. I wish we get more love in the region with more handcrafted airports and stuff. What’s that map thing?

the flight plan was pre-planned with on-board tools and then in-flight before taxiing I selected the proper departure procedure according to assigned runway by ATC.

The map is from NeoFly. Use it for all my flights as it makes it a bit more fun. You can fly bush pilot missions up to FBO airliner missions, so it is pretty cool to start with nothing and work your way up earning more money and experience and therefore being able to buy bigger airplanes and get on more advanced missions :wink:

Are you familiar with user waypoints, and the effect they have on the autopilot?
If the plans you used, when entered in the sim creates a user waypoint, this will generally happen.
A user waypoint seems to come from nav data which is missing some info for MSFS to plot it.

Watch next time and see if this is what is happening.

yeah there were USR waypoints but to be fair they happen to be there almost 99% of the time I use the FMS to plan any procedures in-flight. But I feel it to be more realistic to “sit” in the cockpit and watch indicators like weather, traffic and ATC instructions before selecting my departure. I don’t want to have to do that in the menu before even starting my flight. Want a clean start from cold & dark instead of a ready-set airplane waiting for takeoff, you know what I mean?

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As you can see this is what it looks like most of the time for me…
Selecting Departure at WMKD and there is this obscure USR waypoint outta nowhere. It is not listed in the sequence but appears on the flight-plan automatically just by selecting the departure procedure. Deleting USR waypoints sometimes makes it even worse as AP will finally freak out completely.
Unfortunately AP is a real burden atm hope they fix and improve it soon!!

Well, can’t you try with a different SID? It looks like it’s a SID for northwestbound departure, while you’re going southeast.

no it’s not. the WYP “ADNUT” was pretty good in-route with my flight-plan. It is just that strange USR waypoint that forces the plane to go right just for it to turn sharp around by 180 degrees and go enroute. I selected the correct procedure don’t worry :wink:

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Apparently what happens is there is supposed to be an airport ID with the navdata coding.
If it isn’t there, the user waypoints are the result.

maybe :slight_smile:
sounds to me like a bug anyways…

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Most certainly This shouldn’t happen.
Do you have a deadzone on your controller?