King Air 350i Improvement Mod (SU8) by JayDee

I updated my King Air 350i Mod for SU8.
In SU8 the King Air seems to have way to much power.

Changes in my Flight_Model Part of the Mod

  • reduced thrust by 30%, now the brakes can hold the aircraft. Taxiing and Takeoff-Acceleration are more realistic now
  • increased MOI´s significantly, so that the aircraft “feels” heavier
  • Increased turn radius of front wheel and acitivated differential braking
  • slightly reduced rudder effectivity
  • slightly adjusted N1 to Torque table, to make it more possible to overtorque, so watch your power^^
  • included Uwas Lighting Mod

Here my recent King Air Video (german language) including use of AAO voice control and AAO voice checklist.

Kind Regards


This makes this plane so much better to fly, no more cruising at 15 percent power and doing 300 knots