King Air C90 by BT Studio

This aircraft was announced as a new release in the marketplace in today’s development update. For some reason, I thought it already existed, but I can’t find it mentioned anywhere, so I guess I’m wrong. I’m not sure if it’s actually in the marketplace yet, but I’m curious to know people’s thoughts. BT Studio doesn’t have a good record based on their Kitfox…

It was a surprise for me as well. I’ve been looking to find anything about it, but have yet to find any information

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hmm, i don’t see it in my marketplace.

Same, ive restarted the sim twice and still dont have the new addons. guess ill try a 3rd time lol.

Does anyone have any kind of support contact for them? I have yet to find even an email contact, and that’s a big red flag for me when spending money.


The same BT Studio that still hasn’t fixed their borked Kitfox? THAT ONE?


Its usually several hours after the development update before the stuff hits the marketplace, so I figured it probably wasn’t there yet. I haven’t personally checked tho.

As far as I can tell, it is…and they’re asking $24.99.

I will buy it when it becomes available… Let’s see how good/bad it is. My expectations are low since their only other aircraft out there is a NIGHTMARE.


Based of the Working Title CJ4!!! That is a plus! But lets see
Its available now

K, gonna go buy now.

bought it too. I know I am going to regret this :laughing:


Well, we know the avionics should be decent. Everything else? We will see. Downloading now. It’s SLOW cause I am also downloading the new Prepar3D version AND the beta.

Bought it, loaded it…

Honestly I deserve it. I’m getting close to being done with this.,


WTF is THAT??? Is that because the CJ4 inside this thing is screaming that it’s been possessed by an unholy spirit?


I cant even take off. Full power and it does not move lol
There is only 1 livery. Awful…

I am going to restart the sim

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If this turns out to be a turkey…which it is very much looking like to be I will be demanding a refund. This is horrific.

I restarted the sim,
Cold and dark and boom same as above. Save this for Thanks giving its 100% a turkey and a waste of money. I bet if I remove the Cj4 it will work… But sorry I am not doing that.

GARRRRBAGE straight out the door. ASOBO need to get on top of this. I am sick and tired of ■■■■■■■ money up the wall! and I am getting sick of this sim and beta testing for Xbox.


I’ve talked to the dev of this on the Working Title discord.
Yes, King Airs with Proline avionics do exist.

However I am surprised that it is not compatible with the WT CJ4. The dev was, as far as I know, in contact with WT devs.

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It does not reflect well on the MSFS ecosystem that the “in-game” Marketplace is home to a bad product. One would think a product for sale in the Marketplace has the tacit approval - if not endorsement - of MS.

I feel very good about taking a “wait and see” for every new release. At some point the truth will be revealed here in this forum. The only release I purchased on Day One (maybe even hour one?) has been the DC-6.