Kitfox bush flying group

Hey, I’m looking for pilots with basic experience to do casual bush flying with the kitfox, occasionally maybe some fighter jets. I’m trying to get the word out to start a group. I’m in eastern/Atlantic time. I have a discord account (Maverick21#3431) as well as an Xbox account (Dirtybamboo#4805) so feel free to dm me or add to this post with questions and comments.

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My tag is hoboflier. I’m a Kitfox flier and love short Bush trips.

I’m definitely game to fly with anybody who enjoys the same thing.

Great! I’d love to fly with you and I’d appreciate if you could spread the news to other pilots if you know any other bush pilots.

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I also like flying the kitfox. Looking for people to fly with. New to this, trying to get started

Hey, I actually run a bush flight group now, we have been kinda slow but we are going to fly more over the summer. It’s pretty casual, here’s the link to the discord if you want to join: Outback Mavericks

Awesome, I don’t have discord but i’ll be sure to get it. Thanks!