Kitfox STI has been updated and most issues are fixed

Most of the issues are FIXED!

I found an update in MSFS update section /Content section.

Screen 100% fixed.

Flap moves but is still limited to small throw as per its original design due to the long throw on the flaperons with the STI model.

Landing on a flat runway is easier and especially if you shut down the engine to increase drag.

You get the option of the standard livery or Trent Palmers Freedom fox livery.

Starting is easy but it is still wont stop the engine from the cockpit.

I would now recommend the STI as it is great fun for the price and hopefully the starting issue will be fixed down the track.

Was this the add-on plane that had issues with the wind screen being kinda blurry? Was that issue addressed?

Completely, it has one of the clearest screens I have seen, plus at the right angle to the sun there are some finger prints that are not over done.
Yes it is the addon Kitfox STI.

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No Fix for me. I can fly it once, not more. Trying a second flight even after restarting the Game gives this Errors:
No more Engine/Starter Sound.
Engine did not start (Prop Spins around) and did not response on Throttle.
Removing the Plane via Content Manager and installing it again did work for only one Start.

My displays are just not working at all. I deleted all the workingtitle mods and uninstalled and re-installed but the cockpit is still dark.


I had this issue a while back, I found the culprit, it was a G3x mod, removed it from my community folder and problem gone.
Good luck

Thanks, I removed that also which is why I was stumped. Turns out that the community vl3rotax915 mod also has additional G3x coding in it so when I also removed that, all was good.