Kitfox STi Review - 1 Huge Problem

A huge issue with the Kitfox in my opinion. Well, two really but one might be a deal-breaker.

First, the flaps aren’t modeled on the aircraft. They are on the flight model, but not the visual of the plane. For a bush plane that’s a big deal as you would look over for visual confirmation while flying all the time.

The other glaring issue IMO is that it makes all your scenery look horrible out the glass. Go to an outside view or another plane and its sharp as a tack, but inside the scenery looks all muted and low res.

Example here in this review:


I read one report that stated this plane uses something like plexiglass, so muting of the outside scenery might be normal.

That is true, but it looks horrible. I think it’s probably a low resolution fingerprint transparency texture that is just wrong. It honestly looks horrible. It looks like you turned your graphics to low setting.

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Great video review!

I’m enjoying flying the Kitfox but it’s definitely hard to suspend disbelief when you can’t turn off the engines (and the items you raised).

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Its just trash, a pure cash grab in my opinion. But thanks for the great review! :slight_smile:


I don’t disagree. A quick port from X-Plane from a developer that has many complaints from the X-Plane forums on that variant that he does not fix or update the aircraft.

We can only hope that the injection of sales from MSFS will allow him to focus on these glaring issues.

The only save here is the price, but even at this price with these problems the only market for this plane IMO is those who are huge fans of the kitfox, trent palmer, bush pilots etc…

Not a recommended purchase for the average pilot even at 8 bucks.

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Also there is a better Kitfox coming, tested from Trent Palmer and he said also that this one isnt accurate at all. We should wait… :slight_smile:


Awesome to hear.

Found this in the other post, in case folks want to give constructive feedback to the creator. I think I will have gotten my $8.99 enjoyment out of it when it’s all said and done, but hoping for the fixes as well.


So learned a couple of things:

  1. if you set the Windshield effects to “Medium”, it fixed the graphics issue with the windshield

  2. Ctrl-Shift-e shuts down the engine.

That at least allows you to sit on the ground and enjoy the fruits of your hard earned bush flight landing.

Not saying we should have to QA this stuff, but at least provides some bailing wire and duct tape to this aircraft.

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Thats why it is called a Kit-fox.

They only deliver you the kit, you must make it work yourself.

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Good info, thanks alien.

I’ll try the “windshield effects” next time I fly it. Shouldn’t have to do this with payware obviously but at least I know I can fly it and enjoy the scenery.

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It got a nice patch … 2 issues remaining:

  • To much RPM at idle
  • Not proper start/stop

If they fix there 2 things with the next patch, this will be a must buy given the price.

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Keeping an eye on this one. Is it landing okay now?

No, still too much RPM on ilde, so you touch too fast on general, if the are some obstacles on the aproach that doesn’t let you make a lower angle aproach.

For short runaways it’s doable, but a nice challenge, you must nail it, touch soon, braking but not too much, get the sick back when you know it will not takeoff again, and then brake full

But for on the wild landing the same problem … not posible.

Might not work for me then until they fix it. I’m looking for planes I can run my STOL course with. That requires you to come down and land quickly, spin around and take off again. If it’s too “floaty”, it won’t work well.

You mean STOL drag races ? Then no, you would lose too much time.

Is there snecery for that ? At dead cow ?
Edit: I just found it here in the forum, amazing !!!

I’ve created a scenery, but haven’t released it yet. It’s for a new event they just had in Arkansas a few weeks ago called ArkanStol. There are 4 runways and you have to take off and land at each one in order, with the best time winning. It’s essentially a timed course run. The guy that designed it flies a Kit Fox, so I was really hoping it would be viable.

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Yesss! I was asking myself: What Trent Palmer thinks of this plane offer?
Nice to know a better one is coming.

Trent Palmer tried the X-plane version, and I’m not sure it’s the same flight model, looking at the files from this one it seems they took the Savage Cub as base. But looking at the performance, it matches the values from a Kitfox m7 STi from their web.

Also this one is a model 7, and he has a model 5. Anyway, I would like to know what he says about this model, if you feel the “flaperons” or not.