Kitfox STi views

Just bought the Kitfox on the in-game marketplace, and there are two issues: 1. The pilot view is the only view that actually works right, all the other views are extreme close-ups on the dashboard. 2. The views out the cockpit windows are blurred badly.

Just me?


I have the same problem.

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Wait for the Trent Palmer verified version…


That was my thought also. The only other complaint is that the engine still pushes the plane when idling.


true I added one option stop engine on my trottle for try to avoid that issue . my problem is I can only start engine only by CTRL E . cause not find the buttons for manually procedure

For start pomp is off. Blurry windows and camera in cockpit
to improve!
Windshield effect: med or low removes blur effect.

View gets blurred by cockpit windows, low-res-fingerprint texture on cockpit windows, parking break is off by default making the machine move by itself when you start the simulation on the runway position.
The default camera angles inside the cocckpit are - strange.

And I have not found a way to turn off the engine. It keeps running even if you turn master off.

For stop engine you needs to do in configuration commandes pick / engines then assign one touch (or one button joystick ) at stop engine function ( by default this command free without shortcut keyboard)

I was in contact with the developers by email for the last few days and they sent an update concerning the aircraft windows to MS. It should be available in the content manager shortly.

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rotax automixture doesn’t work

The brakes are awful. e aircraft wants to nose over when brakes are applied and the landing roll is far too long. Their should be enough rolling friction on those fat tundras to slow it down quickly but it just rolls on.


Yeah, I really like it, but I’ve found a few issues:

  1. You can’t kill the engine, and when you turn off the master power the left display remains on.

  2. The flaps only have two settings, 0 and 6 degrees. A typical Kitfox has flaps that drop to 20-something degrees.

  3. As @Rexbo47 mentions, the brakes/landing roll combo makes STOL performance really unrealistic.

I think the fuzziness out the windows is supposed to reflect the fact that the Kitfox has acrylic windows, not glass, but I won’t miss that effect if they remove it.


If you set windshield effects to medium instead of high or ultra everything is crisp again

And the flaps do not seem to be modeled on the aircraft. No change of the outside apperance if the flaps are up or down.

Same here, outline the problem here under chapter Biggest issue near the end. Also, flaps are not modeled visually on airplane model.

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I found it nice to fly but two problems spoil it for me which are: 1. not being able to close the throttle completely resulting in wheelie landings and the need for gentle braking to avoid nosing over with a long ground run and 2. not being able to turn the engine off. I believe it has electronic ignition and is turned off by the red ignition switch but this is inoperable.

You’ll need to pitch up to slow it down enough for a slow or three-wheel approach. see 30:15 mark in the above video.

To turn the engine off I find a good 130 mph into the ground nose first works.

or they could fix the aircraft so it can idle with the brakes off without rolling down the runway at 30 mph. Just a thought.


If you notice, the fuzziness out the windows is actually due to the graphics resolution being reduced. It does not show in your settings, but I’m playing in 4K and the visuals out the window reduce to 1080P. this does not show in exterior view, only in cockpit view. sise by side screenshots show it is not a subtle effect of acrylic windows, but actually a reduction in graphics resolution. Its really weird and annoying.

I just want to say thanks to those who figured out that the windshield effect was causing the blurry image. I only play at 1080, so lower resolution doesn’t matter to me, and I can live with the other issues if I have to. It was the blurry view that was killing me. Now I can actually enjoy my favorite aircraft!