Kiwi Magic (with .PLN link)

Almost everyone has seen the dramatic scenery of New Zealand in the movies, and for good reason. The relatively small country has a diverse range of topography and environments in close proximity to each other. A typical hours flight will see you traverse sandy beaches, coastal farm plains, snowy mountains to lush rainforest.

I’ve designed the following bush tour as a taster for those unfamiliar with the country that takes in some spectacular and dramatic mountain scenery nearby the city of Christchurch, in the South Island. If like me you’ve been enjoying flying around the Scottish Highlands after the recent UK World Update- then this little tour is like the Highlands on steroids!

The route is from NZCH to NZPH, covers a distance of 107nm and takes around 45-50 minutes to complete in the Bush League Legends 215HP X-Cub. The route map and .PLN file are uploaded to for anyone wishing to recreate the flight!

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Thanks for sharing neighbour :+1:

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