Knob Registering Issue


I have bought this little keyboard from Ali… (Minikeyboard CH57X)

It has several buttons and two rotary knobs. Knobs are not axis, but “buttons” - one is triggered when turning knob to right, second is triggered when turning knob to left. So ideal for autopilot.

My issue is, MSFS is not registering this knob ideally - see this video MSFS knob Issue - YouTube

I have set it to control heading, but heading change is registered only with 30% change. It does not change heading every time I rotate with knob. Small adjustment by one position is hardly registered at all.

Device is set to write “+” when turned to one side, “ě” when turned to second. The main thing is that turning knob in Windows works well, for every rotate it writes correct character. Also in MSFS menu, when searching Airport, it works well, every character for every movement.

In MSFS I have set “+” and “ě” as keyboard input for increasing/decreasing heading bug.

I have suspicion it’s not only MSFS issue - I think when knob is rotated, input for character writing is send, but this input is not long enough to be registered 100% by MSFS, but long enough to be registered by Windows writing. I tried program reWASD, creating virtual joystick - Device in this program is also registering rotary knob not great, same as in MSFS. In Device settings program there is no way to extend duration of button action.

Please, do you have ANY idea how to fix it?

I would potentially try using the AuthentiKit Tuning App for this. You might be able to set the knobs up better with that. I am not in a position to provide much more info at the moment, but take a look at the Honeycomb Bravo trim wheel preset in the tool for an idea.