Known issues list last updated a week ago

Can we get a update please?

It does not update that often. It’s been that way since launch.

If you want more frequent updates, I’d try looking in the feedback area for a topic asking for such, or consider creating one.

Understand what your saying, but I respectfully disagree. Developers need to communicate with the customer through updated lists like this. Otherwise why bother to have it.

I just filed a bug (Zendesk) because after the last update ALL my scenery became generic. All the casinos on the Vegas strip are now generic buildings. Florence Italy is a bunch of buildings with no Duomo or other features. The San Francisco skyline doesn’t look anything like San-Fran and there’s no TransAmerica tower or anything remotely like it.

No changes or modifications to my software, OS or computer. Everything was working very well up until the update that came out about a week after the Japan update.

Now it doesn’t matter what city I fly over. They’re all just a bunch of generic random blocks.

Just to clarify, are you looking for a known issue update since last Tuesday? Should have a Dev update in 2 days, followed by program update #5 one week from today. Normally the known issues update will coincide with the program updates (patches), with occasional exceptions.

Is everything turned on under Options - General - Data?

Yes. That was one of the first things I checked. Suspected that maybe all the settings/resolution/detail somehow got set to minimum. But everything appears to be correct. I even cleared the “Rolling cache” (whatever that is) and turned it back on since clearing it turns it off. Didn’t make a difference.

I just uninstalled the software and reinstalled again. It didn’t make a difference although the uninstall and reinstall doesn’t change any of the FlightSimPackages that are downloaded. It looks like only the FlightSim executable was reinstalled (about 1-Gig worth).

Victory! I went in to Options->General->Data and turned off Photogrammetry. Quit FLTSIM. Restarted FLTSIM then went back and turned Photogrammetry back on. Exited FLTSIM then restarted once again. Now it’s back to normal.

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@TurtleAir1510, That is good to hear! I would imagine that feedback would be helpful to the developers. So if you can update your ZenDesk report, that would be great!

I just did that. It’s my first ZenDesk report but supposedly replying to the email updates the report.
Not sure if the restarts were needed or not but that what I did and it ended up working for me.

Thanks a bunch!

I’m not sure what you’re disagreeing with. I stated a fact, that it is not updated frequently, and suggested you post it as proper feedback.

Juice, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to update the known issues basis weekly. It provides some additional context to the weekly development update which has regressed to the bug and wishlist chart.

As a programmer, I entirely agree that a Known Issues permanent topic, be updated weekly.

Understand. Was more just clarifying I understood the request. (wasn’t implying I thought it was unreasonable, etc) :+1:t3: