Kodiak 100 and Honeycomb Bravo

Hi community,

how did you managed to bind the levers for power, propeller and fuel condition for the Honeycomb Bravo?

I bind the axis of the power lever to the command “THROTTLE AXIS” and the button after the detent to “DECREASE THROTTLE” for the Beta/Reverse.

It works fine just like in the Kodiak. The axis sets the power from 0% to 100% and the button after the detent on the Bravo sets the lever in the plane at Beta/Reverse.

However, for the propeller and fuel condition lever this doesn’t work.

The command “PROPELLER AXIS” works well in the plane and sets the lever from max. RPM to min. RPM but regardless of what command is set for the button after the detent on the Bravo the propeller lever never goes below the detent in the plane and into Feather like the power lever does.

The fuel condition lever even works different than the other two. The command “CONDITION LEVER AXIS” sets the lever in the plane from max. high idle to cutoff and cutoff is reached at the detent of the Bravo and doesn’t need and extra command like on the power lever where the lever in the plane stops at the detent. Also, no command works to set the lever at the cutoff position the same like the propeller lever.

What I would like the configure my Bravo Quadrant is that all the axis work like the power lever so that the axis itself controls the input from 0% to 100% and the buttons after the detent of the axis controls the function after the detent in the plane like Beta/Reverse, Feather and Cutoff.

Like I said the power lever works fine and how I like it but the other two don’t.

What I have to do to get it to work properly?

I hope to explain it properly and you guys understand my problem. If not feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks, and merry christmas

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Here’s your Christmas gift:

MSFS | KODIAK 100 Config Guide for the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant - YouTube


Thank you, now it works like I want it!

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At the risk of spamming this thread too, I’ve asked this in several places but not gotten any response. I followed the instructions in that video too, and it works perfectly for the prop and condition levers. But I’m finding that for the throttle axis, when I go into beta/reverse it automatically goes to the max beta/reverse position and there’s no way to modulate where it is in that small negative range without using the mouse. Has anyone else found a way to do this?

That’s because on the Bravo after the detent is a button and no axis anymore.
So you can’t control how much input do you want. It’s just on or off.

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If you want reverse to be an axis: Make a physical detent 1/4 up the axis. Find something you can feel when you move the throttle lever, but still get past. I’ve found a felt sticker for putting beneath the leg of a chair. Set the throttle to 100/-100 and fiddle with the Sensitivity until the neutral position matches the position of your improvised detent.


I have the Bravo and used the Youtube video noted above to program it. It works well, but I also had the same question about modulating the throttle axis during beta for taxi purposes.

I solved this by programming the TOGA button to HOLD REVERSE THRUST. Now, when I press the TOGA button (on the throttle) I can modulate beta to slow down during taxi.

I kept the original Youtube throttle settings for max beta. So, when I land and want to reverse thrust, I still pull throttle all the way back and engage the max beta position.

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Yes! That worked. Thank you so much for finally helping me solve that issue.

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Could you take a pic of your throttle settings. Tried it with the Togo and it it won’t move down. I swear in the past I’ve had it setup with maybe the tbm and was able to move in the beta range. Could you share a pick of the settings. Please and thanks.

Sure, here you go:

Also, I have to press and hold the TOGA button while modulating beta during taxi.

Here are the complete throttle assignments:

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Similar to what I did but when I press it it either doesn’t do anything or if the throttle is at maybe 3% the throttle in the plane goes weird and will like ghost out and show two of them. One above the detent and one below. Odd stuff

Thanks for the info above. I applied it to the Caravan & now the throttle will reverse & the prop feathers. Didn’t neet to change the condition lever as it goes to cutoff on full pullback on the caravan . Makes it all a bit more betterer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have encountered an issue with the Bravo and the kodiak thats perplexing me.
When i go in all the throttle levers move as they should. I have followed the config from YT as mentioned prev. Once i have been in the game/started The throttle axis goes wild and settles into max reverse.
I have tried changing to a different lever/axis but the issue remains the same.
There are no other assigend axis in this bravo setup.

Here’s what worked for me, Sim Update 11:

Condition Levers
Condition Lever Axis - Bound to an axis, no reverse.
Decrease Condition Lever - Low Detent
Condition Lever Cut Off - Low Detent
Ensure axis Extremity Dead Zone at 9%

Propeller 1 Axis - Bound to an axis, no reverse
Increase Propeller 1 Pitch - Low Detent
Hold Propeller Reverse Thrust - Low Detent

Throttle 1 Axis - Bound to an axis, no reverse
Throttle 1 Decrease - Low Detent


I am looking for Tutorial Vid that fully and clearly explains how to configure Bravo Throttle Quadrant for Kodiak 100?

The following Vids cause more questions and problems that helping me really and are not helpful at all. So I still look for really god vids. English or german is both ok.