Kodiak 100 - TAWS and Inert Sep

The Inert Sep buttons are not listed as inop, but you can’t click them. Same with Taws. “Don’t Sink” for days…

Any idea how to shut off Betty? :slight_smile:

Aren’t the TAWS warnings generated by the G1000 in the sim. They obviously are in the real unit. Can they be muted in other G1000 aircraft or is it G1000 fix that’s required.

When I do a cold start there is a TAWS test highlighted box that never disappears in the PFD. How can I complete the TAWS test?

Don’t sink warning can be taken care of by adding some VS in the positive direction in your autopilot settings.

As soon as a positive number is given, it cancels the warning.

The backup one is inop but the main one can be clicked. It takes a while for the inertial separator flap to move from one extreme to another. Status is shown on the PFD.

It should self clear several seconds after power on.

There is a TAWS Inhibit button roughly in the center of the panel. Flip open the cover and click it.

That TAWS inhibit button doesn’t appear to be functional. The cover is animated but that looks like all it does.

The TAWS test is a gimmick of the G1000 that plays on a timer and sometimes gets stuck. We cannot work around it, but we can remove it -but would rather not.

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