SimWorks Studios announced development of Kodiak 100

From their Facebook:

We are proud to announce developement of the Kodiak 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. A powerful airplane built for adventure, a unique combination of robust construction and slow flight performance, that enable you to operate from unprepared landing strips and water for incredible missions. Licensed by Daher, the SWS Kodiak will offer:

–Accurate 3D model created from factory CAD data

–Regular and tundra tyre variants

–Amphibian variant, featuring the Aerocet 6650 floats

–Cargo pod option

–Multiple interior configurations

–18 factory liveries + 5 custom schemes

–Immersive sound environment using Wwise

We will be regularly posting updates from the aircraft’s developement, so keep an eye on our page for more news!


Can’t wait to see them working with Missionary Bush Pilot on this project!


Well. Good news.
You can try this flight when it’s there:


Last time I looked (been awhile) the Kodiak was built by Quest. When did Daher take over?

Sweet…never heard of Sim works though…anyone used any of there other developed planes?

Quest Aircraft was purchased by Daher in 2019.

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Their Zenith CH701 Sky Jeep is well made.


Yes, I enjoy their Zenith CH. Good machine.


Papua New Guinea will be very busy when this is out. :slight_smile: how is the state of PNG in MSFS?


The elevation data is ok but sat/aerial data is rather poor, and lots of small airports are missing.

Oh lord, be still my beating heart! :clap:

I guess Thranda were beaten to the punch.

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YES!!! I can’t wait. It will be amazing to have an alternative to the C208. And it has a few options, which is nice to see. It sounds quite detailed so I imagine it’s going to take a while to develop. Great news though.


Yep this is going to be a must for me. Bit more STOL performance than the default 208, amphib version, cargo too, lot of liveries, tundra tyres . . . can’t wait and am wondering the time frames we are looking at. Will be waiting eagerly indeed.


I can’t wait for this one. I’ve been flying some of the MBP flights in PNG with the 208, but using the actual plane will be nice! :slight_smile:


looks really good !

If they do it well, will be my first addon aircraft purchase for this game.

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This may be my first payware aircraft (I think this will not be series II)

It looks like the Series II has the G1000 NXi. It makes sense that they would go with the default G1000 fitted model instead, due to current avionics limitations.

Day one purchase for me I think.

Can’t wait! I loved the Lionheart Creations Quest Kodiak in FSX. This one looks awesome too. Really exciting to hear of this.


Development update (from SimWorks Studios’ Facebook page)

Kodiak time! We have been hard at work on the aircraft, constantly tweaking and improving it. Here is an update on the current state of developement!


The exterior is nearing completion and we are putting the last few rivets on the airframe. The aircraft will ship with 25 factory schemes in three different layouts and will use MSFS’ tail number system. The standard and tundra tyre variants are fully animated and ready in the simulator including some custom animations that we will showcase later. The amphibian is currently in the paint shop and is expected next month.


The cockpit is currently being modelled, with focus being on the cabin shell and cockpit. Once there, the aircraft interior will branch out to passenger, cargo and other variants.


This week we completed the integration of the Engine Display which will work with the default and Working Title G1000. Being a little more advanced, the WT version will feature the ENGINE, SYSTEM and FUEL screens. The displays are being built so that they will switch seamlessly whether you have the WT mod or not.

The electrical system is being connected to the cockpit, using the lessons learned on the new electrical system from other aircraft. While progress is made fast, this is at completely different level of complexity so we are treading carefully.

Finally, we are eagerly waiting for Sim Update 4 which brings a number of important fixes to turboprop engines.

Here are some WIP screenshots until next time!