Kodiak - Beta / Reverse incorrect

This regards BETA throttle positioning during Taxi operations. There is a distinctive sound of turboprops during taxi because in order to keep the taxi speed low, Beta is used.

I noticed MSFS Turbo Prop aircraft, specifically the TBM930 and Kodiak, tend to stop (some actually back up) when entering the BETA position. As said, BETA position is used to slow taxi speeds prior to going into complete reverse thrust. It’s really pronounced with the new Kodiak since taxi speeds increase rather dramatically when outside of BETA and the minute you drop into BETA it will completely stop movement in a very short period. In real life this feature allows for continued forward movement while in immediate BETA position.

Hope this bug will get fixed along all turboprops. Also wondering how SWS could miss this. Hopefully they will get it right with the upcoming PC12 from the beginning.

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You can post this on their Discord channel, they are very open and responsive to comments

How are you dropping in to Beta? Do you use an axis, or a button?

If you are using a button its likely you are actually going in to full reverse.

What I did was set the “Neutral” position on my yokes throttle axis to rest at my TQ’s idle detent. I know have full control over how much reverse thrust I engage.

That is the same way I did it. I am using the TQ3+. I tried to move the neutral Position a Bit more in Alpha range in order to fix the wrong taxi behaviour. Yet as soon as Beta is triggered the airplane moves backwards. So no chance to fix it without the help from Asobo.

Did you configure the neutral via VF Hub of within MSFS?

To whom it may concern: There are actually 2 different throttle axis. The one including Beta is called 0 to 100%.

MSFS only, on the TQ6+.

Where is your condition lever during taxi?

Unless the temperature is below 7 C the condition lever remains in low idle during taxi. After lining up high idle and after vacating the runway back to low

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At Low idle.