Kodiak Close back door

quick q: is there a way to shut the passenger/cargo door from the PIC seat? it can be a hassle to try and move the camera all the way to the back and then guess-click around for the special mouse spot.

the blackbox bn-2 has it where there are some switches on the panel that control the doors so you don’t have to move. thanks!

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wondering this as well

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Here is a link to a thread that should answer your question.

That handle doesn’t exist in any versions other than the Skydive model. For the rest, you have to open and close the door the same way you would in the real thing - move back to the door.

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If you’ve got a full load of cargo that is easier said than done, haha


Why do you have to shut the passenger door? Aren’t all the doors closed by default when you spawn into the plane? Or have I been flying around with an open door all this time?

except that’s not true. you can close the door from the outside in the real thing. can you explain how to do that in the sim? because I’m unable to move the camera outside the plane as they’ve implemented the dreaded invisible wall.

You can use the drone cam to get to the door on the exterior (and the interior), but I’ve yet to figure out how to latch and unlatch the thing using my Xbox controller or mouse. I can use both on the interior if there’s no boxes in the way and I can see what I’m doing. But no dice from the exterior.

as far as i’m aware you can’t click parts of the plane in drone mode. could be wrong

That certainly would explain why I can’t open the door despite being able to highlight the latches. This is probably my main reason for wanting an EFB. I know some other folks in another thread were saying they neither wanted nor needed one; I just want one if only to open the doors from the pilot’s seat! :joy:

Why not simply setting up a custom view which moves you into the back?