Kodiak Eng inlet norm

so what to do to delete this advisory message? What´s the deal?


I don’t think it goes away. It just tells you the state of the inertial separator, between norm and bypass


i just saw a real life cockpit video without the ■■■■ thing blinking…

also, it just doesn´t seem right why would you want to constantly have your attention drawn to something like the inertial separator anyways?..
but htanks for the reply.

The message is active at or below (I think) 5°C, and is an advisory that icing may be possible. If flying through moist conditions below that temp, it’s recommended that you use the inertial separator.

The advisory. annot be turned offok the default G1000.That is a bug and limitation of the default G1000, not the aircraft. The NXi doesnt have that issue and will be default starting August.

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Didn’t even know there are people out there without the NXi installed.

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I feel like every Youtube video I watch they use the default ugly G1000. I don’t get it either

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That’s why I don’t take anything those ones say seriously. Most of them know not a lot about the aircraft or systems they fly. I may not always agree with opinions given in YT videos but you get to know who knows their stuff and puts in the research effort.

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To be fair a lot of them are real pilots, like P Gatcomb for example. Still he uses the default G1000 in his videos but I guess it comes down to how good you are with computers and software etc.

It is a little bit tricky to know that there is a much better version of the G1000 on the marketplace for free, I guess that’s why so many people still use the default version.

I’m a bit confused here, because I’ve always run the NXi and I still see the Norm message.

Is this meant to be addressed with a future release of the Kodiak for the final release of SU10?

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The NORM message is supposed to be there. If it times out on the real plane (I don’t remember) we have no way of doing it, so it is always on, either in normal or bypass mode.

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Ok, I was a bit confused by your previous post.

Were you referring to the blinking (on the default G1000) rather than the presence of the message itself?

Both: the message (one or the other) is always present as we don’t know of a way to time it out.
The blinking is there because of the message and pushing the softkey will not pacify it. That is a problem of the default G1000 that is not there in the NXi -which will replace it in a couple of weeks.


Scratch my previous reply - the pitot warning is governed by OAT, but not the inlet. I guess I’ve just learned to ignore it over the past months.

Also if on the ground at dirt strips where FOD may be an issue.

I don’t think that is simulated, but random ingestion of FOD if you don’t have the IS enabled would be a fun little random failure. Perhaps not total failure but negatively affecting engine performance due to a damaged blade etc.

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My question is: is the bypass modelled on the Kodiak because I can’t get it to work, some say it is others say no.

The inlet bypass is modeled. It will reduce your engine torque when enabled. FOD damage isn’t simulated.

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It does not work for me. I activate it and wait for extended period of time and nothing changes on the PFD.
I might go to the SWS web site and redownload the aircraft.

Could be a mod, if I have any installed, wioll check for those also

Yep it works just fine. It takes about 30 secs to transition and you will get the PFD annunciation change between NORMAL and BYPASS.

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