Kodiak Heaters

Hey there anyone that knows the new Kodiak well, can you tell me what this panel does in the sim? I use the auto conditioning on the first page and that heats up the cockpit and cabin just fine so are those for on the ground or something else?

Also do the floor vent and max fresh air do anything? Thanks!


This is the second page or submenu of the heater screen. Unfortunately it does nothing and some elements are not clickable.
I hope it will get updated :slight_smile:

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That page is available on the real aircraft so they included it for you to access. You can select the centigrade/Fahrenheit display here, and you can activate the foot heaters, but I don’t know if doing that actually does any thing. Perhaps next time I will hold my hand up to the floor on my monitor and see if the floor feels warmer than the window level LOL.

Well actually if you open the door with the climate controll running you can see the temp go down. Perhaps the floor heater counteracts this. Lol.

Will test tomorrow.