Kodiak Prop Feather

Apologies if this has been addressed…

I can’t for the life of me get the Kodiak prop lever past the detent into feather. I’m probably missing something, but I’ll be sheepdipped if I know what it is. I even assigned a button to Decrease Prop Pitch, but even that just stops at the same spot.

Same. It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

I find I have to pull it down with the mouse to the detent then mouse scroll it past into feather

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Here is all you need:



If you use Spad.next. Try this:

I use an original X52, but I found something that works. I mapped a button for toggle reverse pitch. Now, as if by magic, the mouse will pull the lever into feather. I don’t know why, but I’ll take it.

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I found the answer, using honeycomb bravo. Map the portion of the propellar lever past the detent to Toggle propellar reverse or toggle propellar decrease (cant remember which). Then when you want to feather pull the propellar lever all the way past the detent and then back up to the detent. Now when you push the lever up towards max propellar, it feathers the propellar. To cancel the feather bring the lever all the way down again and the back up to the detent. Convoluted but works.

Oh, did they fix the INCR/DECR then? They never used to work, but SET always did.

Das funktioniert aber nicht

Well, it does tho.

Hey guys, how do you get the prop to feather? It just stops at low rpm for me and I can’t drag it down with the mouse or keybind lower rpm nothing seems to work.

I do have the prop leather bound to an axis on my hotas but it only slides from hi prop to low prop but not down into feather.

This is for the Bravo Throttle Quadrant but may work for any setup because it’s just the binding combinations. This is a for a single prop because it relies on the “Hold Propeller Reverse Thrust” command, which applies to all propellers. Until they get a proper working Feather bind for individual props, its what I use for the planes that can use it. I don’t have the Kodiak.

Dragging it to feather with the mouse is what works for me. Though it seems I have to drag it twice. The first time brings it down to some hidden stop (even if movement is imperceptible) then the second drag brings it over the stop.

Drag to the first stop; scroll with the mouse wheel until it moves past the first stop; drag all the way down to feather.

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I use SPAD to decrement the prop angle to -25 when it detects I have it set to 0. It works really well. The problem is the axis for the prop goes from 100 - 0, and doesn’t allow for negative numbers.