Kodiak Sekiu BadWeather - Risky Approach


I can here it now, long landing, long landing!!!
Sure brutal weather.

Yeah the Trees near the Treshhold are very difficult to assess, but the Kodiak have good brakes and a strong reverse, next time i try a steeper approach.

There is an addon that will reduce the size of the trees in the sim a bit.
I find it quite good as they seem unrealistically tall near the runway ends.

allready cut the High of the Trees to 75% of Default, maybe 50% works better

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Nice. I assume you are familiar with the approach in good weather? Relying heavily on your instruments!

3 or 4 Times with Piper and Piaggio, but never with the Kodiak.

Great video. One thing I love about the snow is how “heavy” it appears when you stop rolling. I don’t know if that’s new to the sim or I just started noticing it but it’s a really neat effect.