Kodiak update due Monday 14 March

Just announced on the SWS Discord server…

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Do they list any details? (I’m not on discord)

-Changed low idle to 54% N1.

-Changed high idle to 68% N1.

-Fixed pitch trim mismatch when disengaging AP.

-Improved Autopilot PID for NAV & LOC hold.

-Increased propeller drag significantly and corrected engine output at lower power settings
-Corrections to AC physics system to account for wind from all directions when doors are open.

-Added TAWS INHIBIT function.

-Fixed overhead reading light casting even when potentiometre was off.

-Various code improvements and fixes.

-Fixed AP, AoA and O2 lights culling in all cockpit variants.

-Fixed inverted VS wheel animation.

-Re-rigged hobbs metre (engine time).

-Corrected stray labels in all VCs.

-Added AI models.

-LOD2 now has dummy screens for performance (all variants).

-Improvements to the electrical system.

-Separated G1000 screen brightness from buttons and made screen fully dimmable for night flying.

-Increased autopilot panel minimum brightness to 2% when on.

-Changed torque gauge readout graduation to 10 instead of 1ft-lb.


Waiting for ORBX central to update this, they are still offering the version 1.0.4. My fault

Update isn’t out yet for anybody it comes out on the 14th

EDIT: Update is out now can confirm that it’s also available at Orbx