KOKC Will Rogers World Airport by MSFSCENERYBUILDERS

I’ve googled and searched on YouTube and I can’t find any reviews of the KOKC Will Rogers World Airport add on from MSFSCENERYBUILDERS. It’s on the Marketplace for Xbox and PC for $13.99 USD with a 3.4 out of 5 rating (out of 12 reviews). Does anyone have this and mind sharing feedback?

Bonus points if you also have the Oklahoma City Night Enhanced and can provide feedback.


Do NOT give that company any of your money! They are absolutely the worst when it comes to scenery and they do an extremely poor job. I have no personal experiences with their KOKC, but if you look around you’ll find all they have is one star junk.


Do yourself a huge favor and wait for this: Announcing Xometry Oklahoma City (KOKC) for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator - iniBuilds Announcements - iniBuilds Forum


Save your money and download the free version…


I’m still on Xbox sadly so can’t grab that free one.

And they do not respond to any emails.

They never will. Been waiting for a reply to an issue I have with their KSAT with the buildings floating off the ground. Not good customer support.

I think MS should have a rule where if there’s clear and obvious lack of end user support, then the mods are removed from the marketplace.


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BTW iniScene released their Will Rogers World Airport which looks way better: iniScene Oklahoma City (KOKC) for MSFS – iniBuilds Store

Yikes - 5 GB is too big for me! Never thought I’d fill up a 1TB SSD so quickly.