KORD ILS Approach for 28C broken?

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Just a Lufthansa B747 Livery

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The last three times I have done an ILS approach to KORD Runway 28C flying the B747-8i, the approach autopilot slowly directs me to Runway 28R. I have the runway landing assist turned on that shows the decent boxes clearly going to 28C, but I see the plane slowly drift to the right and off of the path directly to 28R. Can anyone give this a try? I think each approach I have done to 28C starts at VOGLR navpoint so try that one please!

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Forgot to do that. May update this later with a screenshot.

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Set approach to 28C. Follow to approach start and activate APP mode autopilot. Capture glide slope and watch it go!

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i7-10700, 32GB, GTX 1080

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Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?

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Not yet.