KORD NAVAID for 09C/27C Incorrect and breaks KPWK ILS RW16

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The sim has NAVAIDs programmed for the missing 09C/27C runway at KORD. The frequency for this NAVAID is incorrect, and furthermore it breaks the KPWK ILS RW16 approach. In particular, the 09C/27C NAVAID is set at 109.75 MHz. This is wrong. It should be 111.9 MHz. By having an incorrect frequency, this also breaks KPWK ILS RW16 because that NAVAID is actually supposed to be 109.75 MHz. This bug was discovered during an ILS approach to KPWK where the plane would not tune the localizer frequency because it was picking up the signal from KORD instead. Verified this on two different planes, including the stock C172 (G1000). Zendesk filed under Request #150115

As a side note, for the actual runways for 09C and 27C still missing, a separate Zendesk bug was already filed for that issue. (#145164)

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Attempt an ILS RW16 approach to KPWK.

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Thank you. ILS-16 at KPWK has been out for months.

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Wow, I’ve always assumed I was doing something wrong. This is very validating. KPWK is my home airport, and like clockwork my NAV will switch from FMS to LOC1 before I’ve even gotten into the pattern and send me careening away from my approach. Hopefully they’ll fix this soon.

This should be a one line change that takes a couple minutes to fix, but alas, it seems to be basically ignored.

I’ve since gotten a Navigraph subscription to fix the NAVAID issue, and purchased FSDT KORD to fix the missing runway.

I wonder if MS will refund me if I submit the receipts :laughing:

Somehow I doubt it. The same issue exists for KIAD/Dulles airport in DC. On your approach in, it switches to LOC way too early and sends you off course. Pretty ridiculous.

Today I had this issue when approaching to KORD 27C. But I did not get any signal, had to switch to VFR on the 310, I thought it was a bug from this plane but no, I checked on the default Cessna too

Since my initial post, they appear to have finally added 09C/27C in the base sim. Is the nav aid still wrong if you look in the World Map or VFR map?

I still have Navigraph so I don’t know if the base sim has been fully fixed or not.

It is still missing 09C/27C