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Using Navigraph for Nav data, KORD has no STAR arrivals, according to Navigraph, there is an issue with outdated scenery with missing runways that does not allow Navigraph to add these STARS in their navdata

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I don’t know if this is the issue but I was told by Navigraph that if an airport was missing any of the runways that were attached to a SID or STAR they would not show up in the simulator the runways that were. For instance, KHIO, my home airport, has a long and short runway 13R/31L and 13L/31R. Because the short runway is missing from the simulator then any SID associated with it will not show up even if it is okay for the runway to is in the sim. SIDs that are only listed for only the longer runway will still show up.
I’m not sure that is your issue but if you are looking for a STAR and it is connected to a runway that is not modeled then it might not show up for any runways.

That is correct, Navigraph told me on their forums that Runway 9 is missing at KORD, leaving them unable to add the STARS , the only current solution would be to buy an addon KORD airport that would have all the runways and approaches

correct, the fix is to buy addon KORD scenery - unfortunately

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And some airports like for example LFSB are completely out of luck, since both the MSFS default and addon sceneries available have the old runway 08/26 whereas the updated Navigraph data has the correct new 07/25 runway instead.

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Is there a KORD scenery update that works with Navigraph?

Yes, navigraph said there is and you don’t have to do anything except spend 26 for the scenery and navigraph will would at KORD, apparently it’s the simulator that blocks the arrivals

Do you know which KORD add-on works? I’ve read in older posts some use FSDT’s KORD. Anyone have recent experience with this one or any other?

I think that might be the one they mentioned I’d have to check on Navigraph forums, I’m driving right now or I would do it but I can check later on

It’s FSDT KORD, it sells for $26

Here’s the thread if you want to look at it

Ah, thank you for your help. I guess I’ll wait until after the next World Update and see if they fix KORD in the stock sim. If not, I’ll probably have to buy FSDT’s KORD along with the Navigraph package. It’s just silly that a featured airport in their deluxe package content is just wrong.

For anyone that comes to this thread later, one other thing I learned while searching around is to make sure the airport shows up in your content.xml file before Navigraph, or you still won’t see the approaches. This is something I’ll have to test when I finally do it.

For what it is worth, this topic from November 2021 mentioning missing runways appears to be related to this one, in terms of the sim’s handcrafted airport being outdated.