Kuro B787-8 Freeware V2 - 4K Update and Review!

The Freeware KURO Boeing 787-8 has recently been updated to V2, providing compatibility with AAU2. For the first time since the update, I’ve checked it out and have found it mighty impressive! Check out my full 4K update and review video here!


Love that it has its own refined vref vspeeds etc. Only thing that annoys me is the negative pitch look during cruise that seems to pitch the nose below the horizon.

Hoping theres plan for the -9.

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For some reason I have trouble closing the doors (everything but 1L, 4R, and Fwd Cargo), and that causes structural failure on takeoff. Does anyone else experience this issue?

Me too! The -9 would be great. I have suggested it should be done :rofl:


Loved your video, Luke. I was inspired to give it a try myself. Does this mod have a dedicated discussion thread anywhere around here? I looked but didn’t find one.

Anyway, I gave it a go this afternoon, recreating the real-world BAW223, from London Heathrow (EGLL) to Nashville, Tennessee (KBNA). The block time was over 9 hours, but thanks to accelerated sim rate, I did it in just about 3 hours flat. I was limited to 4X in cruise, sadly - 8X made the plane disastrously unstable, porpoising wildly and increasingly to the point it disconnects the autopilot and triggers a Master Caution - it’s pretty clear the PIDs in the autopilot system do not make allowances for faster sim rates, creating a positive-feedback loop in pitch. But 4X worked well, so people should keep that in mind if anyone wants to simulate a long-haul but not spend 8-16 hours to do it. Also worth noting, at about 8 hours into the flight, I changed the in-sim time back by about 90 minutes so I’d land in late afternoon/early evening instead of night. Changing the in-sim clock also rolled back the Chronometer’s flight duration shown in the cockpit.

Anyway, little niggles like this aside, the flight went perfectly. I was quite impressed with the VNAV descent from FL380 all the way down to the initial fix for the ILS 02L at 2,500’ MSL. The plane managed altitude and speed constraints perfectly, and steered the 180 degree turn from the vector leg on the arrival back toward the ILS and runway heading quite ably.

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Great to hear your feedback and glad you’ve enjoyed the content too :slightly_smiling_face: not tried the sim rate function myself

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New update for the Kuro B787-8 is coming out imminently and they sent me a preview to share the changelog with you all! :slightly_smiling_face:


Always been a fan of your videos. Will definitely give it a try when they release the 2.01 update—still 2.00 on Flightsim.to.

Am I correct in assuming this shows up as an entirely separate plane in the hangar and you can still fly the base -10 unmodified?

Correct - this is an extra aircraft in the menu once installed


Does this mod add a lot stuffs compared to the default b78x?
I really like the 78x instead b788

I downloaded the plane last night and got the sound pack for the RR and GENX engines. I did a quick flight and it was good. Only thing is that there are no landing altitude callouts. I looked everywhere and couldn’t figure out how to make them work. Does anyone knows how to fix that?

Version 3.0 just dropped, time for another review @BritishAvgk

Ahaha like this?

:wave: 5 minutes of your time this morning :sunrise: to check out all of the new features in the snazzy Kuro Boeing 787-8 version 3!


5 minutes of your time this morning

4 if you skip the intro… :wink: has anyone noticed if the cockpit textures are improved, and how do they compare quality-wise to the 787-9 and especially the Polystorm3D Realistic Cockpit texture pack?

Hi Guys. I just downloded the Kuro 787 and the livery was complete pink. What can I do?

Do I need the 787 from MSFS Store or does it work without.

Both of the freeware 787 mods require the MSFS2020 Premium Delux edition with the 787-10 as the base aircraft.