KXNA Arrival Procedues Bugged

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All arrival procedures broken. We have an ILS and RNAV for 16L and an ILS and RNAV for 34R. All I see is ILS RNAV ILS, no runway headings.

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Open MSFS, Create new Flight with world map. Select any airport as departure, I use KDFW, any Runway, Use AKUNA9.MLC as your SID. On the destination airport select KXNA and try to select the runways for approach.

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i59400K, 32GB ram, RTX2060Super

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KXNA has been broke for a year now.

Ok. Well, does anyone know how to build procedures? I have the Jeppsen Charts, and probably could go from there. Maybe there is a way to send this to Asobo, so it can be sent with an update.

If I am understanding correctly. Yes, I utilize SimBrief. You can manually enter the ILS Freq for runway 16/34 (111.55) into the fms and it will work as normal.