L39 engines stop working after a couple of secs

When a play is started, ex. on the end of the runway, throttle is pushed up for takeoff, and after 5secs the engine overspeed comes in, and the engine stops procucing thrust. Doesn’t matter if pushed to 100% or 50%. The engine dies. I can accelerate to 60 knots, but no more. No power at all. Same applies to L39 albatros + blue ice. Before the 40th anniversary, everything was working fine. XBox.

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I’m sorry to hear!
I’ve moved your post to our Community Support category. This is for help with first-party aircraft, which is what the L39 is.
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Thank you! Im waiting for the solution very much, because these are the best imo! With them, I can really feel myself flying!

Ok, every jet had the same problem. A complete reinstall solved the problem.

Oof, glad you got it fixed, even if it was not solution. I marked your post as the solution.