Lag only on touchdown

During every landing no matter where and what aircraft, I do suffer with a massive stutter when touching down (even up to 5s). I’ve tried removing all addons from my Community folder, but unfortunately It didn’t help me at all, as well as reinstalling whole sim didn’t do anything with the issue.



I have the same issue. Its driving me crazy!!! :triumph: severe lags on touchdown after SU10 and now the sim its not enyojable anymore.

Tell me one thing, where do you have installed the sim?.. in a HDD disk or a SSD disk?

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I have my sim installed in HDD disk, but it seems it’s not an issue. Friend of mine has his sim installed in SSD, and he suffers with the lag as well.

I have the sim installed in HDD disk too. I thought it could be the problem but if you say that your friend has the same issue having his sim instaleld in a SSDdisk, so its evident the kind of disk (speed of disk) its not the problem.

Hope Asobo can do something to fix it because lot of people is having lags during landings when the wheels touchdown in the runway.

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I suggest you should try this fix:

It has worked for me. No more pauses at touchdown.

Tried that already, unfortunately it didn’t fix the stutter for me.

I have been wrestling with most of the various stuttering, freezing, hic-cups just before touchdown, etc. for 2 years. Since the release of SU10 I think I have managed to tame this sim to the point where it is actually very stable, smooth and predictable.
Keeping in mind that my goals, unlike many, is not to achieve high FPS but rather to have solid, non-jittery flights, I have shared my settings and system specs in another related thread. You might want to try them and see if they eliminate your touchdown issues.
Warning: Your graphics device has encountered a problem - Bug Reports / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I applied your seetings, unfortunately they didn’t help me with the lag. Anyways, thanks for your help!

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Sorry to hear that. Believe me I have had all of these same symptoms at one time or another, but to be honest I think that once we finally achieve our goal we are so relieved and happy that we often forget all the trip-ups and obstacles we overcame along the way.

Please excuse THAT!

Just after SU10 came out, I found that this guy’s recommendations made a great improvement on my set-up! You might want to try it. It will mean going counter to some of my recommendations but if it works for you, then why not?
Performance Boost Tricks - Flight Simulator Blog

Didn’t work out as well unfortunately.

I think I finally solved the touchdown lag issue caused by the SU10 update. What I did to fix it is:

  1. Clean ALL the cache MSFS files located in


Very Important: before cleaning the cache files backup everything (just in case of messing up something)

  1. When flying in MSFS, disable the windows defender. Dont forget to enable it again when you quit using MSFS.

  2. Do my fix that @BravoFoxMike is sharing above. Its also important.

Doing this everything Im not having lags anymore when the wheels touchdown in the runway :+1:t5: :wink:

Hope it helps

I have this too Only on touchdown, and its extremely annoying. With any aircraft, at any airport.

Did you ever resolve this? I’m getting a single major stutter right before touchdown regardless of the airport or plane.

I have this issue too. Came about after one of the recent game updates. Smooth FPS on departure/approach but I get a lag spike on touchdown. I tried a reinstall, tried lowering settings, VRAM isn’t maxed out on approach and I have tried turning the touchdown fx’s off but none of these have helped.

Hopefully, Asobo is working on something to fix this.

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This is a known issue, have you tried that workaround ?: Freeze/Lags while touchdown - but fps around 50 while approaching - #72 by Bladecore4755

Yes, I have tried the workaround of turning the touchdown effects off but it hasn’t helped.

In the link I sent, Bladecore4755 has updated the original workaround adding 2 more files to rename/delete. Did you try it ?

Is that lag spike like a freeze on touchdown, or a period before and after the touchdown with some bad frames?
If it is a time period of lag, try to:

  • enable dev Mode
  • set up 20GB of rolling cache
  • run as administrator
  • if you can install on SSD

I tried them all myself but for me it did not work, maybe for you. If it is a freeze and not a time period like mine was try the link just posted

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