Lake Erie Island Tour

Welcome Everyone!!!
We will be flying and landing at each island to say hi to the residents. Please fly up to the tower and then on to the next. These are very short hops .
A good run for practicing landings and takeoffs. We used to vacation on the last stop (Kelley’s Island).
Here are the particulars:

Cessna 152
East USA server
Settings :
All Planes
Few Clouds
time: 9:30 am in the flight

Here is the flight Plan

We will be visiting:
Keller Field (Port Clinton)
Rattlesnake Island
Middle Bass Island
North Bass Island
Pelee Island
Kelley’s Island

Hope this works ok. This is my first try at this. Patience please!!

This is a fairly short plan. Probably 45 minutes to an hour.

My name is Vilepoem. Don’t like that one but can’t seem to change it!!

Please be at Keller by 14:15
Taxi to runway 14:25

Thanks for your participation


Please confirm the time? Your post mentions 18.30, 9.30 and 2pm

Is this zulu time?

Zurich isnt summertime anymore :slight_smile:
Its UTC+1

zulu is UTC0 London

Is there a method for communication? Official FS discord or other?

The time this takes place is 14:30 Eastern. Time in the sim set to 9:30

Time is 14:30. Set the time in the flight to 9:30 am

Time is 14:30 eastern. Time to set in the flight is 9:30 am

what?? :laughing:

I’ve never been on a group flight where we couldn’t communicate. Though, on every flight there is always someone who talks too much without ever saying anything… So, maybe we all just fly along in a group and listen to our engines. Sounds fun.

Or… We could jump into any available voice channel in microsoft flight simulator discord.

For future event it might be useful to add zulu time as I assume it makes it easier for everyone to get the right local time. Thanks for clarifying.

Just my uneducated two cents, though.

Unrealistic, everyone knows you cant fly the Lake Erie Islands unless your in a Ford Tri-motor. :crazy_face:

LOL. You remember!!! My Dad used to fly over in one of those!!

Yup Im in the vicinity of Cleveland. Have fond memories of the islands, marble head, cedar point etc.
The Tin Goose, flew in it many time when I was young. I havent been out there in years.

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Maybe you can help. I am on discord now but just see a bunch of icons on the left side. Tried them all but dont know how to link discord to my flight

Our family went there every year on the southwest side and stayed in a cottage we called “the farmhouse”. It was very close to the water. We would walk down to the dairy freeze close to town.

Grew up in Toledo so it was pretty close. It was a very quiet island at the time. Rented bikes etc. No golf carts. Went to inscription rock and the ole winery and the glacial grooves.
And of course the perch fishing was the very BEST…

Happiest days ever.

Two separate things. You can talk or text chat on discord. The flight sim is a different entity. So you talk or text to any who join discord. And fly the sim.

ok how do i get them to join?

Just post here to watch for your name in any of the available chat channels. As I look at this moment. flight 3, 4 and 5 has no one in the channel, as well as all the Terminal rooms are empty. 15 minutes prior to your flight, go in an empty talk channel and advise any who might enter what you are planning and invite them to join also. Then you can also post your channel name here for everyone else to meet you there.